Rubi Resort Turkey

D.A.S. systems at Turkey's Rubi Platinum Spa & Resort





The stunning Rubi Platinum Spa & Resort in Alanya, a city on the southern coast of Turkey, has recently been fitted out with a massive array of D.A.S. professional sound systems. This landmark resort boasts over 400 rooms, a spa, restaurants, bars, club, disco, gym, outdoor stage and a host of facilities, making it a one-stop destination for a perfect holiday on the Turkish Mediterranean coast.

Sound company Melomani, with Director Hasan Dündar at the helm, needed a range of gear and a manufacturer, like D.A.S., who could provide a large enough selection to adapt to the resort’s different spaces. The technicians decided to turn to D.A.S. Audio’s extensive catalogue of products to cover the resort’s numerous sound requirements.

Much of the action and entertainment at Rubi Platinum takes place at the outdoor Ficus Show Center. Located next to the main swimming pool, this esplanade is crowned by a large stage that showcases a range of different acts, from live music, theatre and dance to acrobatics and magic. D.A.S. Aero 12 line array systems were brought in to cover the sound for various performances held at this outdoor venue.

A total of ten Aero 12 were flown in two linear arrays of five units each on either side of the stage for the main PA. These systems, painted in white to blend with the stage, comply with the EN 54-24 standard, allowing the systems to function in both a VA or PA role.

Four high-performance LX-218C subwoofers handle low frequency support while four powered D.A.S. Avant 12A systems are used for stage monitors. A D.A.S. DSP-4080 digital signal processor manages and controls the entire system.

Another one of Rubi Platinum’s busiest areas is the disco. Equally demanding in terms of its sound requirements, the Melomani technicians recommended the use of Artec 508A systems in this space, augmented by the powerful Action 218A subwoofers to reinforce the low frequency range.

D.A.S. DR systems were installed in the charming Mini Club, a venue where guests can enjoy a more relaxed and upscale atmosphere. These systems were matched with D.A.S. Arco 12Sub subwoofers, the perfect solution for ensuring powerful low frequency support.

The hotel also features three meeting rooms, where additional DR systems handle the sound, while the resort's public areas and corridors were equipped with over 170 Ceiling CL-8T ceiling speakers and 25 Arco 24TW systems. The Ceiling speakers are ideal for applications that require an open sound field.

A portable set of Avant and DR powered systems rounded out the extensive range of D.A.S. sound equipment installed at the Rubi Platinum Spa & Resort. These systems are used as needed to fill any of the gaps in sound at the activities held outdoors next to the pools and gardens.



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