Royalty Mumbai

D.A.S. Audio systems at Royalty Nightclub in Mumbai (India)


Bandra, in west-central Mumbai - the city’s trendiest suburb - is home to Mumbai’s most fashionable pubs, bars and nightclubs. Enter Royalty, a Bandra nightclub that mixes European renaissance and Indian royalty décor with a top-of-the-line D.A.S. Audio sound system and Mumbai’s best dance music.

Under new ownership by Bollywood actor and director Sohail Khan, Royalty is the new name in luxury: guests have an extensive choice of designer drinks and breathe oxygen-pumped air, while a mezzanine-level member’s VIP area, a Baroque-style cigar room, and the Royalty VVIP lounge overlooking the club cater to guest’s every whim. But the luxury doesn’t extend to just the décor, and the club’s boasts a new state-of-the-art sound system.

Local sound reinforcement company Sound & Light Professionals headed the Royalty install, and after analyzing the space SLP technicians were convinced that D.A.S. Audio systems would be the perfect fit for Mumbai’s highest profile club. Sound technicians rolled out six Aero 38 line array systems to take care of the job. The Aero 38 were paired with six LX-218CA high performance subwoofers for low frequency support, while five Avant 12A systems used for sidefill provide superior sound pressure.

Headliners like DJ Ameyth, DJ Willy, and DJ Loyd have all performed at Royalty, where Avant 12A powered 2-way loudspeakers were placed into service for the DJ monitors, paired with Avant 18A for extended base response. To ensure that the sound reached all corners of the club the technicians installed four Arco 4 systems in Royalty’s VVIP lounge. Both compact and light, the Arco 4 loudspeakers are small, powerful and blend seamlessly with the opulent décor in Royalty’s most private, luxurious area. Three D.A.S. Audio DSP-4080 signal processors were also installed along with eight H-4000 amplifier units to power the loudspeakers.

Royalty is the nightclub in Bandra, Mumbai, synonymous with luxury, class, and the city’s best dance music. The new D.A.S. Audio sound systems are an extension of the club’s ornate luxuriousness, and help to create an elegant yet exciting space that attracts India’s A-listers week after week. With every whim catered to and surrounded by superior sound provided by D.A.S. Audio systems, guests at Royalty truly receive the royal treatment.

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