Red Valencia

Red Valencia has installed D.A.S. professional sound systems


Red Valencia, the city's newest venue has erupted onto the entertainment scene with a bang. The venue's 1000 m2 of space is divided into three unique spaces, each with a special focus: cuisine, cocktails and dance club. In keeping with the venue's innovative style and design, the entire space is fitted out with a full D.A.S. Audio professional sound system.

Red Valencia's impressive audiovisual equipment, which wouldn't be complete without the indispensable D.A.S. systems, plays a crucial role in giving the venue its cutting-edge yet welcoming vibe.

Each of Red Valencia's three different areas - Red Valencia Club, Red Valencia Bar and Red Valencia Gin - has its own unique sound requirement. Telesonic Valencia, S.L., with Paco Planells at the helm, lead the system installation for the entire venue. In particular, the Club area hosts a professional sound system comprising the ultra-compact, powered D.A.S Aero 8A line array systems.

The main system was assembled in two linear formations of six units each in front of the dance floor, with four D.A.S. LX-215A subwoofers for bass reinforcement. Two compact Variant 112AW larrays rounded out the sound for the back of the dance floor, and two Avant 15A systems were set up in the DJ booth.

The entire system is powered, eliminating the need for heavy amplifiers and complex cabling, and managed by a D.A.S. DSP-2060A digital signal processor.

The Red Valencia Bar - where food, especially tapas, is the focus - was fit with the versatile D.A.S Artec. Six Artec 28W systems and SLA signal amplifiers, which blend perfectly into the venue's studiously selected décor, were distributed to create the warmest environment possible.

As the name would suggest, Red Valencia Gin is all about cocktails. This innovative and avant-garde bar is synonymous with exclusivity: on Thursday to Saturday nights the venue opens as Red Gin Night, an exclusive club with VIP access. Here, even where the music needs to be a bit softer, Planells installed the ever-versatile and reliable D.A.S Artec systems.

Red Valencia offers guests a range of possibilities under one roof, from tapas and beer to a real dance club and the city's finest cocktails, each area providing a welcoming environment for guests.

The venue's carefully chosen décor and first-rate audiovisual system, with the essential addition of a full D.A.S. professional sound system, has quickly converted Red Valencia into one of the city's hottest spots.

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