Red Bull Tour Bus India

D.A.S. Audio at the Red Bull Tour Bus launch in Mumbai, India




  The formidable 36-foot Red Bull Tour Bus is the ultimate gig on wheels. Featuring a fully-mobile concert stage that can be set up in less than four hours the bus – complete with a gaming console, flat screen TV, work station, eight bunk beds, 12 seats and an equipment storage area – converts into a musician’s paradise on the road. Red Bull launched the bus’s India tour last month, rolling into Mumbai’s Wilson Gymkhana on October 5 to put on one of the most anticipated shows of the year. No less than seven acts took to the stage to kick off the tour, including headliners Dualist Inquiry Band, Supersonics, Swarathma and Scribe, and D.A.S. Audio professional sound solutions were on hand to ensure clear, precise sound throughout the venue.

Event organizers called in Sound & Light Professionals of Mumbai to design the sound solution for the Red Bull Tour Bus launch. The SNL Pro team knew they needed a line array system that could be flown on either side of the unique bus-cum-stage and that a system based on D.A.S. Audio Aero products would more than fit the bill. These systems pack the punch needed for loud rock/metal and thumping electronic music while maintaining quality and fidelity for the more intricate sounds of the fusion folk-rock and lyrical pop bands at this high-profile event.

The SNL crew flew 16 D.A.S. Aero line array systems in a classic left/right configuration to provide fantastic, even coverage across the length and width of the venue. These self-powered systems are easily set up and taken down, making them the perfect choice for a mobile venue like the Red Bull Tour Bus. The rigged Aero systems were matched with six high-performance LX-218 subwoofers, ground stacked to flood the marquee (and the subsequent mosh pit) with pounding bass.

The system was rounded out with four compact D.A.S. Audio Aero 12s to fill in the gap for the dedicated “down in the front” fans without obscuring the view of their favorite musicians or the impressive Red Bull Bus. The entire system was driven by Lab.gruppen PLM 10000 amps while a Yamaha M7CL-ES console handled the FOH mix.

The culmination of 2250 man-hours of work, the made-in-Mumbai Red Bull Tour Bus is an innovative concept that combines the functions of a band’s tour bus with the actual gig. The successful launch party was the perfect way to kick off the bus’s country-wide tour and a flawless performance by the D.A.S. Audio systems the SNL sound crew deployed ensured clear sound and precise coverage for the fans that descended upon Mumbai’s Wilson Gymkhana to see the Red Bull Tour Bus off in style.

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