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D.A.S. Audio revamps the sound at Dublin's RDS Arena





  First opened in 1868 to host the annual Dublin Horse Show, the Royal Dublin Society Arena has a storied history not only as a venue for equestrian events and home of the Leinster Rugby team; over the years the stadium has also played host to some of the world’s biggest names in rock, pop and classical music. As part of ongoing efforts to turn the RDS Arena into a world-class stadium, the sound at this multipurpose venue recently underwent a major overhaul with an ambitious new professional sound system drawn from the D.A.S. Audio catalogue of products.

The RDS Arena needed a sound reinforcement system rugged yet flexible enough to provide precise sound for the range of events held throughout the year. RDS management, who had seen D.A.S. systems in action after they were successfully installed at Twickenham Stadium in the UK, contracted local company AV Tek Solutions Dublin to handle the new sound solution. Working closely with Brian McGrath, Sales Manager with Reynolds Of Raphoe, D.A.S. Audio’s distributor for Ireland, the AV Tek technicians studied the venue’s particular challenges and opted to install systems from D.A.S. Audio’s WR Series.

Designed to comply with the IP-55 and IP-56 standards for outdoor use, the WR Series has the long-throw characteristics capable of reaching every seat in the house while withstanding the elements. A total of 24 WR-6415-DX models were brought in and split between two stands, with 14 installed in the Anglesea Stand and ten rigged in the main Grandstand. This DX version has a direct exposure (DX) rating for applications where cabinets are unprotected and directly exposed to the environment. These systems have a fiberglass exterior and gel-coated sealed interior for a rugged unit that provides some of the clearest sound on the market.

Eight WR-8826-DX systems were deployed on the Anglesea Stand’s terrace. These ultra-compact units provide both low frequency production and brilliant highs. The VIP section of this stand was outfitted with eight of these systems but with a CX exposure rating, used when the cabinets are covered and protected.

A total of eight Bi Driver Plus units were installed at either end of the arena to bring crystal-clear sound and high speech intelligibility to the North and South stands. These two-way, mid-high cabinets are designed for long throw applications and ensure excellent sound coverage, ideal for venues like the RDS Arena.

The army of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems brought in to revamp the sound at the RDS Arena was rounded out by six D.A.S. D-20 amplifiers and five D-10 amplifiers distributed throughout the stadium. These amps deliver the cleanest sound around coupled with ultra-high standards of reliability.

Both RDS management and AV Tek Solutions were delighted with the result. A combination of specification, performance and price made the systems the perfect solution for revamping the sound at RDS Arena, and the D.A.S.

Audio products maximize the listening experience for the spectators at any of the extensive range of events held at this historic venue.

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