Rafael Amargo Madrid

The new D.A.S. Aero 8A sound reinforcement played a key role in the premiere's success


Renowned Granada- born choreographer and dancer Rafael Amargo and his company recently took to the stage at Teatro Häagen-Dazs® Calderón in Madrid to premiere their new show "Pricesas del Flamenco". The commanding performance, led by the two up and coming dancers Susana Lupianez "La Lupi" and Carmen Rivas "La Talegona", drove home the fact that Flamenco is more alive and popular than ever. No show of this caliber would be possible without quality sound, and new D.A.S. Aero 8A sound reinforcements played a key role in the premiere's huge success.

For this event, the veteran Madrid theatre on Calle Atocha, established in 1917, contracted a complete sound reinforcement system made up of 22 Aero 8A self-powered line array systems. Two linear formations of 11 units each of the new member of the Aero Series2 were set up at each side of the stage. Six D.A.S. LX-215 subwoofers, also part of the successful Aero Series2, were added to provide low-end frequency reproduction. Technicians installed D.A.S. SLA-4000 amplifiers to supply signal power to these subwoofer systems.

A D.A.S. SDP-4080 digital signal processor managed signal processing of the main system, while two powered Avant 12A systems mounted on top of the new Avant 118A subwoofer system were employed for side fill. Four other Avant 12A systems functioned as stage monitors to fit the various needs of the different performers.

The entire system and installation for the event was supplied by D.A.S.´s factory in Valencia and carried out by the company's Technical Department, brought in specifically for the event to collaborate with both the theatre´s technicians as well as the artist in system configuration and adjustments. According to Ricardo Peláez, sound engineer for Rafael Amargo, "The system's best features include compact size and a powerful and sweet sound. Rafael Amargo himself was extremely impressed with the sound clarity and quality, a great compliment to these new D.A.S. products."

The show is framed by Rafael Amargo´s philosophy of showcasing female talent in the art of dance. Towards this end, "Princesas del Flamenco" gives two dancers that have been with Amargo since they started the opportunity to display their artistic capabilities. As Rafael Amargo himself said, "it´s always the men that have had the starring roles in our shows. There's been a lack of great female figures in our art and it´s about time that women step into the spotlight and bring Flamenco to audiences all over the world."

Musical director Juan Parrilla leads the nine piece "Princesas del Flamenco," while guitarist, composer and singer José Soto "Sorderita" accompanies. The show charts the evolution of flamenco from its purest initial incarnation up to its most cutting-edge versions. It marks a milestone for the Rafael Amargo, who returns to the essence of the art of flamenco in the same theatre where he first made his debut 20 years ago.

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