Quattro Beach Spa & Resort

Quattro Beach Spa & Resort in Turkey with D.A.S. systems






The stunning Quattro Beach Spa & Resort in Turkey has recently been fitted out with professional D.A.S. Audio sound systems. This five-star hotel is located in the city of Alanya on the Antalya Gulf, one of the fastest growing tourist destinations on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast. The resort boasts 400 rooms and a full range of first-class facilities which span over 20,000 square meters of unbeatable beachfront property.

The complete Quattro Beach Resort & Spa sound system was supplied by Melomani, D.A.S. Audio’s exclusive distributor in Turkey. The Melomani sound technicians, faced with the challenge of providing audio for a number of different spaces, knew that the extensive range and versatility of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems would be the ideal solution for adapting the sound across the resort.

The technicians opted to bring in D.A.S. Audio’s Avant, DR and Action systems for Quattro’s massive outdoor and pool area, where a stage is set up for the variety of performances and activities held around the clock for the resort’s guests. Specifically, the compact multi-purpose Avant 12A and powered Avant 118A loudspeakers were installed as the main PA for the stage and surrounding outdoor area.

A range of D.A.S. powered Action M12A systems were installed as stage monitors, and the entire outdoor stage system was completed with D.A.S. DR-512A systems. These powered 2-way, full-range systems can be easily configured to adapt to the requirements of the different activities held at this poolside space.

Inside, the Melomani technicians recommended the use of a combination of systems from D.A.S. Audio’s Reference and Avant series in Quattro’s nightclub. A number of RF-12.85 systems were installed together with powered Avant 118A subwoofers, a combination that offers the sound quality and power required for the long nights of disco music and DJ sessions held at the resorts modern nightclub.

The range of systems was rounded out with a number of D.A.S. DR-8 systems, which were installed in the resort’s two conference rooms. These systems offer superb speech intelligibility, a critical feature in these types of spaces. With this new installation Quattro Beach Resort & Spa now offers guests a first-class sound system that is the perfect match for the resorts five-star facilities.

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