Puerto Rico's Objective Fame

A gala concert marked the end of the fourth season of this popular program


The continued success of the reality show "Objetivo Fama" produced by the television network Univisión, prompted thousands of people to gather on Sunday June 10th 2007 at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in Puerto Rico to witness their favorite contestants once again showing off their talent. which is aired internationally by Telefutura.

With the immense popularity of the program Objetivo Fama, the public had very high expectations for Objetivo Fama: The Concert and so Ender Vega, the event's producer wanted to guarantee that its quality was on par with the demands of the public, who week after week had closely followed the performances of the young contestants. So he turned to the Puerto Rican company Caribbean Audio to take charge of the sound system for the concert.

In order to meet the sound requirements of the show and to provide sound coverage for the whole area of the Roberto Clemente Colisium, the Caribbean Audio crew chose D.A.S. Audio's Aero line array system, flying ten Aero 38A and four CA-28A (all powered) units on each side together with nine Aero 182 units for low frequency reinforcement on ground level on both sides of the stage to form the front-of-house system. This was controlled by a Yamaha M7CL48 digital mixing console. To reinforce the stage sides, the company flew seven CA-28A units per side. A second M7CL48 console was used to control the monitor mix system made up of three CA-28A, together with two CA-215A modules flown on each side for side fill and 16 D.A.S. Audio SML-12A powered stage monitors.

All of the systems performed exceptionally well during the show, providing clear, bright and powerful sound throughout the entire venue. According to the producer, Ender Vega, "It's been years since I have heard such great sound at this coliseum." Wil López, mixing engineer for the concert hall and owner of Caribbean Audio added, "Two years ago, for this same event, we used 18 CA-28A systems with eight CA-215A on each side and a further seven CA-28A units on each side for side reinforcement but when the concert began the audience screamed so euphorically that I had to push the console to the maximum so that the singers' voices could be heard. This year I was expecting the same to happen again and so when the concert began I had my hand on the faders. However, despite the roar of the audience, the Aero 38A's gave out so much pressure that I didn't have to touch a single one of the control levels and everything was heard clearly. In fact, both the sound pressure and quality were amazing."

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