Pro Mediadays Germany

D.A.S. Audio was one of the featured brands at Pro Mediadays in Münster, Germany





“Pioneering innovations in multimedia” was the theme of the recent Pro Mediadays seminar held in Münster, Germany, a series of lectures and demonstrations on a range of different audio equipment brands including Sony, Beyerdynamic and D.A.S. Audio. The 30 professionals who attended the event included installers, rental companies and consultants who had the chance to get hands-on experience with these leading industry names.

The sound professionals who participated in the seminar at the VIP Lounge at Münster’s Preußenstadion multi-use stadium were presented with a broad range of products, including a number of D.A.S. Audio’s most popular systems. Attendees were given a short overview of the D.A.S. product line, rental network and market segments, with particular focus on the brand’s Convert and Event Series, active speaker ranges with built-in digital signal processing ideal for portable live sound applications or fixed installations in a range of venues.

After learning about the features of the different brands and systems the group moved outside, where event organizers took advantage of the large outdoor stadium to pump up the volume and give the sound professionals the chance to experience the power of the D.A.S. Audio systems firsthand. Three Convert 18As powered subwoofers and two Convert 12As source arrays were set up and after a brief explanation participants were treated to a resounding demonstration of the enclosures’ precise coverage and high acoustic output.

Also presented were the D.A.S. Arco 24 and Arco 4 systems, ideal for a range of fixed installations, from stores and lounges to airports and convention centers. These systems were displayed alongside D.A.S. CL-5 full-range ceiling loudspeaker and systems from the company’s Artec 500 series, discreet yet powerful models that allow multiple configurations for fixed installations.

Tobias Schulte, event organizer and D.A.S. Market Manager, said he was pleased with the success of the first Pro Mediadays. “I received a lot of positive feedback about the D.A.S. products and an installer contacted me directly about projects using D.A.S. Audio systems. Now it’s time to plan upcoming Pro Mediadays in Hamburg and Berlin”.

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