Primavera Sound 2.012

Primavera Sound 2.012 rocks with D.A.S. Audio

Barcelona has hosted the Primavera Sound Festival since 2001, which annually brings in droves of fans for the multi-day series of pop, rock, and underground dance music concerts. Venues are set up across the city – from the central Arco del Triunfo to the beachside Forum – and for five days Barcelona converts itself into the epicenter of spring music festivals.

The stage set up at the city’s central Arco del Triunfo sees constant traffic during the San Miguel Primavera Sound: thousands of fans packed into this outdoor venue over the course of the festival to see 2012 headliners like Nacho Vegas, Black Lips or Richard Hawley. The company “Acústica” working hand-in-hand with D.A.S. Audio Event Engineer Joel Damiano (the company’s head tech for the event) headed the sound installation at the Arco del Triunfo this year, rolling out D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems to cover the venue’s long audience area.

D.A.S. Aero 50 large format line arrays took care of the main system, with twelve D.A.S. Aero 50’s rigged on each side of the stage and 18 D.A.S. LX-218 subwoofers ground stacked in front to boost the low frequencies. To adapt to the area`s long listening space the sound team set up two relay towers of 12 Aero 50 systems each at 50 meters from the stage.

Six D.A.S. Convert 12A systems were used for front fill, and 3 powered D.A.S. Aero 12A systems stacked on two LX-218A subwoofers took care of side fill. An army of D.A.S. Road series stage monitors were deployed, which were used according to the demands of each performance.

Joel Damiano reflected on the new law on sound level limitation: “According to the new law, the FOH should never have a SPL level higher than 98 dB (A weighted). The technicians adapted better than what was expected, as they are all aware that avoiding hazardous sound pressure levels is good for everyone’s hearing. Even so, 98 dB at 45 meters from the main PA is enough to keep the “live” feeling alive!.”

As far as the drawbacks of sound limitation were concerned, Damiano comments: “With this type of weighing the voices reach the limitation system quicker and generally come out above the rest of the instruments which forces us to control the voices with compressors or limiters. I think they should modify or eliminate this “penalty” system or reduce the release times of the limiters so that it doesn’t seem like an eternity when the system disappears, when peak get out of hand.”

D.A.S. systems were also an integral part at other stages of the San Miguel Primavera Sound, specifically the Adidas Originals stage at the Forum. Here, sound technicians opted for Aero 12A line arrays and LX-218A subwoofers for the main system. Aero 8A systems were used for side and front fill, while the unbeatable D.A.S. Road Series were used for stage monitors.


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