Pepe Jeans in Poland

'Mega Music" provided Pepe Jeans with great sounding business music system


D.A.S. sound systems are hitting hard in Eastern Europe. "Mega Music", D.A.S. distributor in Poland recently installed Factor-5 systems in the British clothing chain "Pepe Jeans", situated in one of the capital's most popular malls. The Pepe Jeans establishments are well known internationally for their urban fashion, true to the essence of Portobello Road in the British capitol.

"Mega Music" installed twelve Factor-5 system in the white color option. The enclosures were distributed in three rows and are powered by D.A.S. Energy series amplifiers. The Factor-5 systems were chosen in the white color as a contrast to the steel and red color which identify the British chain of stores.

With the Factor series, "Mega Music" has provided "Pepe Jeans" with great sounding business music system. Resolved simply and effectively, Adam Blaszczyk, director de Marketing de "Mega Music" remarks, "Simple to install, quality sound and impressive clarity, D.A.S. was the right choice."

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