Paterna Auditorium

The state of the art appointments include D.A.S. Variant sound systems


The city of Paterna´s new Auditorium recently opened its doors. This impressive 2,100 square metre facility- named for illustrious local musician Antonio Cabeza- seats up to 450, and is undoubtedly one of Valencia´s cultural emblems. , which perform brilliantly in this type of venue.

The Valencia-based company Germania de Instalaciones was responsible for supplying and installing the systems. D.A.S. Audio´s Department of Sound Projects, headed by Eva Argandoña, was on hand to support the project.

After the relevant acoustic testing was carried out to check coverage and sound pressure, the sound team decided that the versatile D.A.S. Variant Array Systems would be the best fit for the task at hand.

Because of the dimensions of the venue and the steep spectator area, the technicians installed two linear formations of four self-powered D.A.S. Variant 112A systems each on side of the stage. These systems provide ample vertical dispersion, giving appropriate coverage for a medium-sized space with a relatively small number of units (eight in total).

Variant systems offer the unique advantages of a self-powered array and are particularly apt for medium and small scale installations. Compact in design, these high-performance systems deliver exceptional sound quality in an attractive, light and visually discreet cabinet.

In addition, these systems are consummately practical thanks to the versatility of the cabinet: just as appropriate for use at corporate events and festive galas as at theatrical and musical performances of all kinds.

The new building is fully equipped, boasting individual and shared dressing rooms, warehouses, multi-purpose halls and recording control rooms. The facilities include not only the Auditorium but the Paterna Musical Centre as well, which include fifteen classrooms, eight sound studios, a chamber music hall, another for chorus and orchestra, music and video libraries and other departments that occupy more than 1,250 square metres distributed over three floors.

The auditorium and its adjacent facilities celebrated the inauguration with a concert by the Paterna Music Centre Symphony Orchestra. The performance captivated hundreds of enthusiastic attendees, among them Lorenzo Agustí, Paterna´s mayor, and Ana Botella, Government Delegate of the Valencia Region.

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