Paraninfo La Magdalena Santander

The Paraninfo La Magdalena in Santander fitted out with D.A.S. Variant systems


The Paraninfo auditorium, a beautiful English-style building built in the 1930´s on the Magdalena Peninsula at the mouth of the Bay of Santander, is used regularly for social, cultural and artistic events, including theatre and music performances. Already quite versatile, the auditorium – just steps away from the Royal Palace of La Magdalena and boasting unbeatable views of the bay – was recently fitted out with a new D.A.S. professional sound system.

The venue’s managers commissioned Jox System, S.L., a telecommunications and audiovisual services company based in Bilbao, to plan and install the new sound system in Santander´s most famous auditorium. Once the hall’s particular characteristics were studied Jox System opted to install D.A.S. Variant powered line array systems, specifically the Variant 112A. This model also offers a white finish which blends seamlessly with the decor, making it a perfect fit for the English-style auditorium.

With seating for some 350 guests, the Paraninfo auditorium is important enough to require a high-performance sound system. The Jox System technicians therefore decided to install six D.A.S. Variant 112A powered systems set up in two arrays of three units each on either side of the stage. These cabinets were flown below Variant 18A powered subwoofer systems that not only provides the necessary low-frequency reinforcement, but also serves as the mounting system for the Variant 112A´s.

The system as a whole provides excellent performance, uniform coverage and is extremely versatile, making it ideal both for music or theatre, while ensuring perfect clarity of the spoken word when the auditorium is used for events and conferences. The ultra-compact design of the Variant systems provides high performance and exceptional sound in a set up that is attractive, light and visually discreet, ideal for this type of venue.

The Paraninfo auditorium in the Royal Palace of La Magdalena, reformed once in the 1990`s, has been upgraded again to an ultra-modern auditorium that provides the latest technology to users and audiences alike. Of particular interest are the simultaneous interpreting service, the high- and low-frequency video system and closed circuit television service, and other top-level technical features that include the newly installed top-of-the-line D.A.S. professional sound system.

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