PALM Expo China 11

PALM Expo China 11 was held at Beijing's International Exhibition Centre


Attracting over to 100,000 visitors and well over a 1,200 vendors from 20 countries in 2011 alone, the International PALM Expo China, held this year at Beijing´s International Exhibition Centre between 26 and 29 May, is one of the world's largest and most prestigious events dedicated to sound, light, music, entertainment and the audiovisual industry.

With 85,000 mª of exhibition space, the PALM Expo has become an important international forum for audio, light, music & technology companies as well as an opportunity for them to exchange ideas and increase their market shares.

Knowing full well the size and importance of the PALM Expo, D.A.S. Audio once again pulled out all the stops for this event. The company's impressive stand, set up like a real stage by the D.A.S. Audio Hong Kong branch in Beijing, was enough to attest to the company´s firm commitment to the burgeoning Asian market.

With special emphasis placed on its live sound product lines, this exhibition space showcased the latest products that D.A.S. Audio has launched in its ongoing effort to respond to the demanding world of professional sound. This included an extensive display of its successful D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array products-the Aero 8A, Aero 12A and Aero systems. The powerful LX-215A and LX-218A subwoofer systems were also on hand to round out the exhibition.

Portable self-powered Avant systems were also on display for Expo visitors. These systems incorporate a wide array of high tech features, affording them the highest level of versatility. In this case their placement in the display was directly related to their extraordinary qualities when employed as stage monitors.

Finally, D.A.S. Audio took advantage of this event to introduce its new distributor in China, Acton Audio & Musical Instruments (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (Tom Lee Group), to the Pro Audio Industry. The large influx of professionals that visited the D.A.S. exhibition space over the course of the three day event, combined with the obvious excitement that the D.A.S. Audio products generated, corroborate the company's progressive growth in this region of the world, result of the company´s commitment and the efforts of its subsidiaries in Asia, D.A.S. Audio Asia, PTE. and D.A.S. Audio Hong Kong.

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