Palau de la Festa Castellón

Castellón-based company Electrónica Marton, S.L. installed sound reinforcement system


The city of Castellón recently opened the doors to the much-anticipated Palau de la Festa. This emblematic building will be the site of all the city´s social events, including the annual "La Galanía," the crowning ceremony for the princess of the city´s festival celebration. This ceremony marked the inauguration of this colourful and functional building that is destined to become the crown jewel of La Plana´s capital.

The impressive and eye-catching facade of the elliptical-shaped building is constructed of an environmentally-friendly ceramic material, as would be expected in a region where this industry is truly an economic engine. The 4,000 mª interior is spread over a ground floor and two storeys, including an impressive hall with a large stage, leaving no doubt that it will soon be used for diverse social events and celebrations.

This primary use as a venue for concerts and performances of all kinds led installation managers to opt for a powerful, robust and versatile sound system: none other than the beloved D.A.S. Aero Series 2 self-powered line array systems. Electrónica Marton, S.L., the Castellón-based company responsible for installing the system, specifically recommended the D.A.S. units for the Palau, with Toni Caballer, the chief sound technician from the company with an impressive background in the professional sound sector, to oversee the project.

Because of its hallmark elliptical shape, the distribution of the systems in this venue was relatively unusual. Systems in event halls and auditoriums normally tend to be mounted in two groups on opposite sides of the stage in front of the audience area. But in this case, a third formation was set up centre stage to reinforce front sound coverage.

Each of the lateral formations boasts six D.A.S. Aero 12A self-powered line array systems suspended over a LX-218RA subwoofer system. The unusual third central formation is made up of 3 D.A.S. Aero 12A systems, also rigged over a LX-218RA subwoofer system. Together, this equipment presents a mighty network comprised of a total of 15 Aero 12A systems and three high-performance D.A.S. LX-218RA subwoofer units.

All the systems included in this installation are self-powered and belong to the esteemed D.A.S. Aero 2 Series. The installation´s finishing touch is a D.A.S. DPS-4080A digital signal processor, which carries out the corresponding management and monitoring duties for the entire sound system.

A group of D.A.S. Avant 12A portable self-powered systems were installed to round out the main installation. These systems are highly versatile: they can take on stage monitoring duties when musical performances so require, or can be mounted on tripods for smaller events that don´t require the use of the main system, according to the needs of the event in question.

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