Omar Bongo Stadium Gabon

Massive deployment of D.A.S. systems at the Omar Bongo Stadium in Libreville (Gabon)





The Stade Omar Bongo, a multi-use stadium in Gabon’s capital city of Libreville, was recently the focus of what is undoubtedly one of the most massive and iconic projects that D.A.S. has ever undertaken at a sports facility. A veritable army of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems were designed and manufactured specifically for the reconditioning of one of Gabon’s major stadiums in a display of the company’s ability to offer comprehensive, catered sound solutions for any project around the globe.

French company Retentive Sound Agency (RSA), with Pascal Bomy at the helm, was called in to handle the installation. RSA collaborated with D.A.S. Audio’s Engineering Department on system design, working hand in hand with Javier Navarro (D.A.S. Technical Director), Gonzalo Arroyo (Project Engineer) and Germán Ramos (Electrical Engineer) on system installation and setup.

The spectacular deployment of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems was based on a total of 242 Aero 20A line arrays, ten Aero 40A line arrays, four LX-218CRA subwoofers and 18 Artec 510A two-way support systems. All systems are powered and feature DASnet™, an audio management application for remote monitoring and control for D.A.S. powered systems.

The setup as designed by the D.A.S. Audio and RSA team includes 18 linear hangs of 12 Aero 20A each to cover the stadium’s lateral bleachers. For the bleachers behind the goals, the team flew two hangs of eight Aero 20A each at either end of the stadium, while the VIP stands were covered by two arrays that use the combined power of five Aero 20A and six Aero 40A to provide flawless sound. Four LX-218CRA powered subwoofer were also installed in this area to boost low-frequency support.

All the flown elements were designed specifically for the Omar Bongo. Based on the stadium blueprints, three different models were produced according to the number and location of the systems, an intensive task performed by D.A.S. Audio engineers at the company’s headquarters in Valencia.

The stage also posed a challenge in terms of signal distribution and management; the team opted to divide the stage into two sections and design a network of systems managed by DASnet™ for each. Both networks work in tandem, converting between RS-485, IP and fiber optic signals. A difficult challenge that the sound technicians managed to overcome with D.A.S. Audio’s catalog of outstanding, end-to-end professional sound solutions.


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