OLA Live House Nanjing

Chao Ganguans installs a new D.A.S. professional sound system at OLA Live House





Chinese folk rocker Li Zhi is the driving force behind OLA Live House, one of the biggest hotspots on the Nanjing music scene. Located at the Sun Palace, a brand-new entertainment complex in the heart of the city, OLA Live House is a destination for independent musicians, a high-end venue where local and international bands can ply their trade to a packed house. With a focus on elevating music to the highest level, Li Zhi contracted Chao GanGuan, D.A.S. Audio’s exclusive distributor in China, to supply and design a sound system that could provide exceptional sound and steadfast reliability for his newest venture.

The project was spearheaded by German Rodriguez, Technical Director at Chao GanGuan, who called in Shanghai-based Shanghai Yuanxing to help with system construction and installation. Rodriguez worked closely with the CEO of Shanghai Yuanxing as well as Li Zhi’s sound technician to tailor the perfect system for the venue, running through a number of simulations with D.A.S. Audio’s EASE Focus 3 software before making a final decision.

“OLA Live House has an irregular layout with practically no right angles. The stage is off center with respect to the volume of the room and there is a small stand in a mezzanine at the back of the room that is not centered on the stage”, reports Rodriguez. “There is a large LED screen down stage, which makes it difficult to choose the place to hang the sound system, because we can’t block audience visibility”.

Working with EASE Focus 3 paid off, and Rodriguez managed to design an end-to-end sound system that offers homogeneous coverage and frequency response for the entire audience area. With Chao GanGuan supplying the system and Shanghai Yuanxing handling installation, the team decided to draw from D.A.S. Audio’s Event Series of line arrays to guarantee flawless sound at OLA Live House.

The setup specified by Rodriguez rigged six Event 210A three-way active line array systems on either side of the stage as the house mains. A total of four Event 218A powered high-performance subwoofers were installed in a line in front of the stage, interspersed with four Artec 508 loudspeakers for front fill. Eight Action M12 dedicated stage monitors ensure consistent sound for performers, and a DSP 4080 was installed to handle system control and processing.

Feedback has only been positive thus far, with Li Zhi’s technician responding with enthusiasm when asked about the experience of working so closely with Chao GanGuan and D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems. “More than excellent. The “Laowai” was incredibly professional and rigorous, system tuning was super-efficient, very reasonable frequency division, and [Rodriguez] was with us all day for our first concert. Very dedicated service”.


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