NYC Wine & Food Festival

D.A.S. Audio at the New York City Wine & Food Festival





The New York City Wine and Food Festival is an invaluable funding resource that benefits the Food Bank for New York City and the No Kid Hungry® Campaign. The event pays homage to one of the greatest dining cities in the world while fighting to end hunger. It is the only Festival in New York to bring together both legendary culinary icons from around the globe and America’s most beloved television chefs. To ensure all announcements and music were delivered clearly, the festival relied upon the exceptional audio performance of loudspeakers drawn from the Aero Series 2 catalog of D.A.S. Audio.

Orangeburg, NY-based Dynamic Productions USA, an event services production firm that provides top-quality production support for tours, concerts, meetings and special events, was contracted to provide sound reinforcement for this year’s festival. Brian Rosenblum, Director of Operations for Dynamic Productions USA, oversaw all technical aspects of the project. He discussed his decision for deploying Aero 40A and Aero 20A line array enclosures, along with LX-218CA powered subwoofers from D.A.S. Audio’s Aero Series 2 product line.

“This year’s festival took place at Pier 92, which is a trade show and special event venue in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Being outdoors, it was critically important that we had a sound system that could compete with the ambient noise of the city while also being able to deliver both speech and music clearly and with sufficient level. We’ve had excellent results with the D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2 line array systems, so they really were the ideal choice for this project.”

“The setup consisted of two tents and a courtyard. In the first tent, there were four Aero 20A¹s and one LX-218CA subwoofer per side. In the second tent, there were four Aero 20A¹s on each side of the stage, with four LX-218CA¹s across the front of the stage. This setup also included a delay stack consisting of four Aero 20A¹s each with LX-218CA¹s deployed throughout the 350-foot long tent. In the courtyard, there were four Aero 40A¹s and two LX-218CA¹s next to the stage. Road Series stage monitors were also used in this location.”

When queried about those features that made the D.A.S. loudspeakers the ideal choice for this particular project, Rosenblum offered the following thoughts:"By using powered systems, we have optimized power amplification with easier system cabling, and it definitely streamlines truck pack efficiency. The Aero Series 2 line arrays also provide broad horizontal dispersion and excellent throw, so it’s much easier to achieve consistent coverage throughout the entire area.”


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