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D.A.S. Audio and Timbre Group once again partner up in Singapore




  Timbre Group has recently launched two new ventures in Singapore in line with its mission to become a comprehensive music lifestyle group. What started out as an idea to establish live music venues championing local musicians has grown into a chain of multiple bars and restaurants with nightly performances, a catalogue of venues that includes recent additions Timbre@Gillman and Barber Shop by Timbre. After successful installations in previous Timbre Group venues, D.A.S. Audio was once again called on to guarantee powerful and versatile sound reinforcement.

Barber Shop shines a spotlight on blues, alongside a repertoire of live soul, funk and jazz music. After the successful install of the slim and svelte D.A.S. Audio Aero 8As in Timbre’s Switch venue, operators played with the idea of installing the same systems at Barber Shop. However, the venue’s low-ceilings made it impossible to accommodate the minimum four-per-side configuration of the Aero 8As. The sound team rose to the challenge and hit on the perfect solution: simply install two D.A.S. Convert 12A in a single-unit configuration. Two Convert 18A powered subwoofer systems were also set up to provide extended bass response, and the entire network was connected to a DSP-4080 signal processor.

Timbre@Gillman, located at Gillman Barracks, is the Timbre’s largest venue and delivers good food, drinks and plenty of live music in an outstanding open-air environment where local artists perform on the striking 26 ft stage amongst Gillman’s lush greenery. Here the D.A.S. Audio team opted to distribute 12 versatile and compact Artec 8 systems, flown on the horizontal beams of the venue’s canopy and matched with six D-10 stereo amplifiers. Each D.A.S. Audio Artec 8 unit is powered by an individual D-10 amplifier channel, and each signal is then processed by its very own DSP-2040 output channel. With options like these, speakers can be time-aligned to ensure coherency between the systems on the low frequencies, resulting in a extremely even bass coverage across the whole venue.

Danny Loong, Chief Creative Director at Timbre Group, had nothing but positive things to say about working with D.A.S. Audio. “Embarking on a partnership with D.A.S. has been a sound decision for Timbre Group. Top-notch sound and production at our venues is crucial to maintaining a memorable and enjoyable Timbre Experience for our customers. Sound quality has improved throughout all our live music venues since D.A.S. systems have been installed and the attentive after-service support rendered to our production team has also been beneficial. D.A.S. Audio’s holistic approach proves that they have the right products and expertise for the job.”

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