New M-60N

The new M-60N compression driver forms part of the Aero 8A line array system


Always at the forefront of technology, D.A.S. Audio´s constant drive for innovation in product design and development has led to the incorporation of the most advanced components to its range of Aero Series 2 line array products. Among the latest is the new M-60N compression driver, which forms part of the ultra -compact Aero 8A line array system.

This system´s new M-60N compression driver, designed for use in sound applications requiring high SPL and low distortion, takes care of the reproduction of high frequencies. Its 44mm (1.75") voice coil is made using copper clad aluminium flat wire attached to a urea polyamide diaphragm. This high performance thermoplastic, improves sensitivity and acoustic output as well as timbre. This material offers a less resonant response and better damping than the more commonly used titanium.

In the development of the new M-60N driver, Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) software was used to optimize the magnetic circuit. This led to the design and manufacture of new pole pieces and the use of a new neodymium magnet. Other mechanical improvements include an aluminium ring used to reduce magnetic distortion, the design of a new phase corrector and the narrowing of the driver's mechanical tolerances. All of these improvements have led to the exceptional performance of the new M-60N compression driver.

It goes without saying that D.A.S. Audio guarantees the quality and seamless functioning of its whole array of Aero Series 2 line array systems, which uniquely incorporate cutting edge components designed and manufactured in its own facilities.

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