New LX Subwoofers

The new LX-212 and LX-215 join the family that debuted at PL & S 2009 with the LX-218


D.A.S. has added two new subwoofers to the LX line of high performance systems.The LX-212 and the LX-215 join the family of low frequency enclosures that debuted at ProLight & Sound 2009 with the presentation of the LX-218.

The LX-212 and LX-215 are 6th order band-pass subwoofers which make use of the new LXN long excursion loudspeakers with neodymium magnet assemblies. The high-order band-pass design provides excellent loudspeaker loading characteristics for an impressive amount of punch and low-frequency extension. The LX-212, is especially well suited for applications where enclosure size is a problem thanks to its compact dimensions.

Two versions are available, the groundstack versions and the "R" versions, equipped with factory installed rigging hardware. The new captive rigging system allows the subs to be rigged in a "one forward, one backward" arrangement facilitating cardioid configurations.

The enclosures are constructed using 18 mm birch plywood finished with the durable Iso-Flex black paint. The grounstack verisons offer 8 M-10 inserts for suspension in permanent installations and can be upgraded to the "R" rigging versions by way of the optional KITR-LX212. Safe ground stacking is accomplished by way of rubber feet which inter-lock with fitting points on the upper surfaces of the cabinets preventing slippage. A screw-in pole mount located on the top panel provides flexibility when using satellite systems.

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