New faces at D.A.S.

Mónica Cayuela and Pablo Seoane at D.A.S. Audio's Engineering Department


In order to continue to provide audio professionals with efficient service, D.A.S. Audio recently recruited two new staff for its Valencia-based headquarters, namely Mónica Cayuela and Pablo Seoane, whose presence will greatly improve efficiency and response times at D.A.S. Audio's Engineering Department.Mónica Cayuela is an egineer specialized in industrial drafting with over 10 years' experience working as a draftswoman and plan designer for various companies. Mónica's main tasks at the Engineering Department will be to design plans for speaker components and to make line drawings for our brochures and our website. She will also assist engineers on sound-related projects, drafting 3D building plans.Pablo Seoane is a Telecommunications Engineer with a background in audiovisuals. He has worked as an Engineer and Head of Products at Acústica Beyma S.A. for 7 years, where he gained vast experience in the development and manufacture of professional loudspeakers, working closely with engineers from the world's leading brands. During his last year at Beyma he worked on R&D&i, researching into new treatments and materials for high-frequency cones and membranes, as well as on possible ways to enhance the loudspeakers' magnetic circuits and suspension systems. He will now put all his expertise and know-how at the service of D.A.S. Audio. "Working for DAS will allow me to design loudspeakers for specific enclosure applications, resulting in complete optimization between the enclosure and the component. DAS' engineering team is excellent and the level is so high", says Seoane.

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