New Digital Signal Processors

The new DSP´s offer versatile features for instant and intuitive control of parameters



Screenshotof the AudioCore software

More about the new D.A.S. DSP's

D.A.S. Audio launches two new digital signal processors that provide users with a pair of versatile audio management systems. The DSP 2060 and DSP 4080 Digital Signal Processors use the latest in digital signal processing technology such as high-performance 24-bit converters running at 96 kHz on both inputs and outputs, providing a bandwidth of over 30 kHz and a dynamic range exceeding 116 dB.

Two or four fully balanced inputs and up to eight fully balanced outputs, offer increased flexibility. Any input or combination of inputs can be assigned to any output, forming a completely flexible matrix.To simplify configuration, a template selection is available to set-up the system, easily taking care of routing and selecting useful crossover points.

Each input channel offers 8 bands of fully parametric equalization with each output features up to 9 parametric sections. The sections can be reconfigured to alternate filter types including high and low shelves and notch filters, along with bandpass, phase filters, elliptic and variable 'Q' shapes.Outputs feature a combination of limiters-one designed to protect individual drivers from over-excursion/over-driving, and another "look-ahead" limiter for added safety. Crossover filters offer slope rates from 6 dB/Octave to 48 dB/Octave and phase adjustment is available in 2 degree steps.

The DSP-4080 is equipped to operate with the latest AudioCore control software developed by XTA which allows remote control of the DSP-4080 Audio Management System. The software allows up to 32 units to be controlled via a PC computer using RS232 or RS485 interfaces and via "wireless" and is compatible with Windows™ 98/ME/2000, NT and XP. Instant and intuitive control of all the parameters of the DSP-4080 can be adjusted either via mouse or keyboard.

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