Muse Club Singapore

D.A.S. Audio brings superb sound to Singapore's Muse Club




  Dart lounge and bar, good drinks and good company, DJs and performances: Muse Club has something for everyone. Located at the Odeon Towers, in a district known for its restaurants, stores and bustling night life, Muse Club offers a range of entertainment options under a single roof. The club consistently packs the house with its retro and trance DJ sessions, all-night happy-hours and performances by the clubs female “muses”. Its booming success recently led the club owners to upgrade the club’s sound system, opting for D.A.S. Audio’s professional range of sound reinforcement systems to keep the crowds coming.

Local company OTTO Integrate (S) Pte Ltd was appointed to handle Muse Club’s system upgrade. OTTO Integrate, specialized in quality audio-visual, sound and light solutions, works closely with the D.A.S. Audio branch office in Singapore to guarantee clients a high level of post-sales support. After studying the Muse Club’s particular requirements—the new systems would have to be versatile and robust enough to handle to venue’s variety of performances—OTTO Integrate opted to install D.A.S. Audio systems to ensure clear, precise sound throughout the club.

The OTTO sound team drew from the D.A.S. Audio Avant series of portable systems for the Muse Club. These powerful active loudspeakers can handle a variety of monitoring functions and are ideal for compact P. A. systems. Specifically, four Avant 12A compact multi-purpose systems were flown in a classic left/right configuration for the main FOH system. The Avant 12A’s multi-angled enclosure allows for personalized coverage and an incorporated 600 W Class-D 3rd generation amplifier provides dynamic range and low distortion, crucial in a space like the Muse Club.

To supplement the low-frequency requirements of the club, the Avant 12As were paired with two Avant-118A subwoofers, also installed in a left/right configuration. These systems handle the low frequencies to ensure extended bass response. Like the Avant 12A, the Avant 118A incorporates a Class-D amp along with an in-built digital signal processor to provide clients with top-notch coverage, control and exceptional sound.

Alan Tham, part of the OTTO Integrate team that headed the Muse Club install, was pleased with the performance and power of the D.A.S. Audio systems. “The Avant-12A’s are loud and proud. They sound great out of the carton and minimal calibration is needed between the Avant 118A subwoofers and the Avant 12A full-range speakers. The rotatable 80 degrees by 50 degrees horn also provided me with options on tailoring the coverage, depending if the speakers are flown vertically or horizontally. With on-board DSPs and limiters in the power modules, I will always have a peace of mind that there’s always a real party going on in the club.

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