Molí Blanc Jávea

The technicians at Telesonic Valencia opted for the new D.A.S. powered Convert systems 


Following a head-to-toe makeover and after a five year break, the emblematic Molí Blanc nightclub - the nightclub of Javea in Alicante, Spain - has reopened its doors. The mythical 'disco garden', designed to resemble a windmill on the outside, opened its doors for the first time in 1968 and quickly became the most fashionable night spot in the area. The club was a "must visit" on the itinerary list of tourists in the 1970s and 80s and now it is back, with new management, a new image and a new sound system by D.A.S.

The comprehensive renovation carried out by the current managers of the club has left the original structure intact while giving the Molí Blanc a new look, with a superb display of lighting, furniture and decoration infused with the flavour of Ibiza. The top-level equipment used to fit out the venue includes the full D.A.S. sound system for clientele to enjoy on the nightclub's two dance floors.

For the outdoor dance floor, which is obviously the most popular during the long summer season, the technicians at Telesonic Valencia, commissioned to supply and assemble the installation under the watchful eye of Paco Planells, opted for the new D.A.S. powered Convert systems. These systems met the specifications of the hexagonal shape of the dance floor, allowing six Convert 12A systems to be installed in three blocks of two. Four D.A.S. LX-215A powered subwoofers from the Aero Series 2 were deployed to provide the low frequency boost required in a dance environment.

In addition to this main sound system for the dance floor area, Telesonic and the new management agreed on the need for an ambient sound reinforcement system for the surrounding area, consisting of four RF-15.85 units from the D.A.S. Reference series together with 12 DR-8 IP54 cabinets, specifically adapted for outdoor use. The systems are powered by D.A.S. amplifiers from the SLA and PS series.

Sound for the indoor dance floor is based on the use of versatile D.A.S. Reference systems. A total of four RF-12.64 systems alongside two RF-15.64 systems provide a complete sound system for this area of the nightclub. Excellent bass throughout the indoor dance area is ensured by the two D.A.S. LX-215 subwoofer systems.

Signal amplification for this whole system is provided by D.A.S. SLA amplifiers. The finishing touch comes in the form of D.A.S. DR-112A powered speakers that have been installed in the DJ booths for each of the dance floors. The systems for both dance floors plus the ambient sound reinforcement system are controlled by three D.A.S. DSP-2060A digital signal processors.

While the reopening of this night spot, threatened in recent years with demolition, is good news, it is also a major challenge for the new managers, who hope to bring back to life the slogan used for the nightclub in the 1980s: "If you don't know the Molí Blanc, you don't know Javea". D.A.S. is pleased to be able to do their bit by providing sound quality that will go a long way towards helping them meet the challenge.

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