Michael Bolton at Bucharest

The 'Palace May" has been praised as one of the most important cultural institutions in Rumania


D.A.S. Audio's self-powered Aero 28A and Aero 38 linear array systems provided the sound reinforcement of Michael Bolton's latest concert in Bucharest. The 4,000 seat Palace May venue was included as part of Bolton's "Till the End of Forever" world tour. Bucharest based "S.C. Omnitech Professional SLR", sound rental company and D.A.S. distributor for Rumania was responsible for the event.

Omnitech was in charge of providing and setting up the sound reinforcement equipment for Bolton's concert, flying eight Aero 38 and three Aero 28A speakers per side and a front-fill composed of three Aero 28A systems to cover the "Palace Hall's" front rows: one at the dead center and one each at the laterals.

The Aero 38 linear array speaker system was designed for use in venues that require high output levels and precise control over the vertical sound coverage such as large scale indoor and outdoor events held at theatres or stadiums. A single unit houses two 12" speakers with 4" coils for the reproduction of low-end frequencies, two 10" speakers with 3" coils for mid-frequency output and a 1.5" compression driver with a 4" coil coupled to a D.A.S. Audio SERPIS flat wave generator for high-end frequency output in a single, high-efficiency unit. The system provided perfect sound for the concert with even output pressure anywhere from the first row seats to the last aisle seats thanks to EASE Focus software which was used to calculate the optimum position and angle of the speakers in order to provide the most efficient sound coverage.

Built right in the heart of Bucharest, the "Palace May" is a modern structure that has been praised as one of the most important cultural institutions in Rumania right from its very construction. The Michael Bolton concert was held at the "Palatului Hall" which has seen anything from theatre plays and film screenings to classical and pop music concerts since 1990. World-renowned performers such as Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, the hit show "Lord of the Dance" and the German rock group Scorpions, have stepped on the hall's stage. Lately, the hall hosted an improvised musical performance by actor Steven Seagal, close friend of Bolton, during the pop singer's concert.

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