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D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems have been present at MeRadio Rocks The Marina! concert


As part of MediaCorp Radio's 75th anniversary, more than 25 local acts took to the stage at Marina Promontory when MediaCorp hosted the MeRadio Rocks The Marina! project. With a capacity of roughly 5,000 people, the Promontory was rockin'. And to ensure great sound, a top-flight sound reinforcement system consisting of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems.

Singapore-based Showmakers (S) Pte Ltd, with over 15 years of event production experience and owners of a DAS Audio Aero 12A system, was contracted to provide sound services for the event. The system deployed for the concert was large, as Juan Luis Garcia, D.A.S. Audio Asia's Managing Director described. "We have an Aero 50 system in Singapore that is frequently used for touring throughout the Asia Pacific region and we certainly couldn't leave Singapore, our home market, short-handed, so we worked together with our local partner for this event."

The system Garcia referred to included 16 D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 line array elements-flown 8 enclosures per side. For low frequency support, these clusters were augmented by 16 LX-218CA powered subwoofers that were ground stacked in a left-right sidefill configuration with 8 enclosures per side. To provide sidefill and front fill coverage, 3 clusters-each containing 4 Aero 12A -were deployed. The on-stage monitor setup was equally impressive. This portion of the sound reinforcement system included 8 D.A.S. Road 15A and another 4 Road 12A stage monitors. A D.A.S. Audio Avant 118A powered subwoofer was used for drum fill.

While most of the systems were self-powered, the large format Aero 50's were driven by a contingent of Lab Gruppen's flagship FP 10000Q 4-channel power amps. A D.A.S. Audio's DSP-4080 processor handled loudspeaker management chores.

Francis Tay, Showmakers' Project Director, commented on the sound system that was deployed. "This concert included performances by Singapore's top local artists including Don Richmond, Matthew & The Mandarins, Douglas Oliveiro and many more.The system that we, in conjunction with D.A.S. Audio, assembled really showed its versatility with all the different acts and their wide variety of musical styles."

Jolin Lee, from D.A.S. Audio Asia marketing and sales, echoed Tay's enthusiasm, "Being part of a MediaCorp event ,without question, a great showcase for our large format line array Aero 50 system. The MeRadio Rocks The Marina! concert was also a good opportunity for some of the best local bands and artists to experience a D.A.S. sound system, especially with the newly arrived Road stage monitors, which are new to the Asia region."

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