Median Bolbaite

The Café Bar Median in Bolbaite installs D.A.S. Audio systems


Residents of Bolbaite, Valencia, now have  a new spot for a relaxing afternoon get-together or a fun night out: the modern Café Bar Median. The venue has quickly become the place to meet for the residents of Bolbaite and surrounding towns in the Canal de Navarrés region in southwest Valencia, thanks in large part to the Median’s complete professional sound reinforcement system drawn from D.A.S. Audio’s Action Series.

Median is a versatile venue, the perfect place for a mid-afternoon coffee or a cocktail at night, a place where good music and quality sound is guaranteed. The bar’s modern décor, which features an innovative LED lighting system, has been matched with a powerful sound reinforcement system based on six D.A.S. Action 12A systems.

Distributed throughout the venue, these powered two-way full-range systems feature a Class D amplifier in robust birch plywood enclosures for easy handling. The versatility of the Action 12A makes it an excellent choice for the Median, where the music gets louder as the night progresses until it takes over until the wee hours of the morning.

Low frequency support, crucial in a venue like the Median when the music gets cranked up, was provided by two high-performance D.A.S Action 18A powered subwoofers. These systems also incorporate Class D amplifier technology and provide the precise and accurate low frequency punch required when the Median goes “disco”.

With this complete D.A.S. professional sound system the Median is able to offer powerful and quality sound during its jam-packed weekend sessions. Yet, while the venue provides a great spot to spend a night out in Bolbaite, the Median also draws in crowds of all ages, making it a place where both the young and the “not so young” can come together for good music and a good time.

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