Mascletá Sinfónica Valencia

D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2 systems participate in the first Mascletá Sinfónica in Valencia





D.A.S. Audio recently played a key role in Valencia’s first Mascletá Sinfónica, a unique musical performance that uses musical instruments to simulate the sounds of a traditional mascletá (a symphony of explosions that comes from a coordinated firing of fireworks) that takes place every day at 14:00 hours during the city’s traditional Fallas celebration. The event took place in the days leading up to Fallas week as over 80 musicians, mainly drummers, came together at the city’s Estación del Norte, fitted out with D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems, to reproduce the mascletá’s barrage of sound with music.

This unique project was developed with the help of Valencian pyrotechnics expert and veteran Vicente Caballer. Caballer, a fourth-generation member of the over 130-year old pyrotechnic company that bears his family name, was the driving force behind the event, so much so that it was named the “9ª Sinfónica de Vicente Caballer (Vicente Caballer’s 9th Symphony)”. The mascletá was also made possible with the collaboration of sound engineer and music producer Vicente Sabater, who has worked with famed artists like Seguridad Social and Soledad Giménez over the course of his 20-year career in the music industry.

A musical project of this scale could not have been accomplished without the expertise of award-winning composer and director Joan Cerveró, who was recognized in 2005 by the Spanish Ministry of Culture with the National Music Award. Cerveró composed the score for this singular one-movement in additional to directing the rehearsals and the final performance of over 80 musicians hailing from all corners of Valencia.

D.A.S. not only participated in the final event by providing the sound systems that brought to symphony to life at Valencia’s Estación del Norte but also allowed the 80 musicians and event organizers to use the company’s magnificent Auditorium, located at the D.A.S. Audio headquarters in Valencia, for rehearsals. Over 80 kettle drums, cymbals, drums and flutes filled the D.A.S. Auditorium with the sounds of this one-of-a-kind symphony, a prelude to the explosion of noise that for the first time recreated the mascletá’s structure and development with musical instruments.

On the day of the performance maestro Cerveró exchanged his fuse for a baton, which he used to “light up” the army of drummers and flautists who recreated the sounds of a massive fireworks display with only their instruments. The Mascletá Sinfónica, a celebration of the symphony of sound that is Fallas week, was a perfect display of how music and fireworks go hand in hand at traditional Valencian festivals.

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