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Both Manowar members and its technical engineers were impressed


The international band Manowar, known to the world as The Kings Of Metal, kicked off its Spanish tour with its first performance in Durango (Vizcaya). The band's epic sound¬¬- Manowar is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the loudest performance at a concert- couldn´t have been more impressive, and their performance in Durango was made possible with the help of D.A.S Aero Series 2 systems.

Several thousand fans descended upon the venue at the Feria de Muestras de Durago to enjoy the legendary group´s performance, as well as those of support group HolyHell. For a show of this calibre, D.A.S. Audio mounted a system made up of two linear formations of eight Aero 50 line array modules flanking each side of the stage.

Eight LX-218A powered subwoofers were ground-stacked at each end of the stage for low frequency reproduction and various units of D.A.S. SM-12A and SM-15A powered systems were utilized as stage monitors. For the front fill, five Aero 12A powered line array system were uniformly distributed throughout the total width of the stage.

Manowar's technical rider requires a side fill system that can provide the maximum power needed onstage, so in this case, four Aero 12A powered line array systems and four powered LX-218A subwoofers at each side of the stage. The result was a spectacular, crystal clear, ear-shattering sound worthy of Manowar's reputation.

Javier Navarro, Head Engineer of D.A.S. Audio, led a team of several members from the company´s Department of Engineering who collaborated on the system assembly and adjustments. Powerful FP 10000Q amplifiers from LabGruppen fit the bill perfectly, and a Dolby Lake processor was used to manage the signal system.

Javier Navarro remarks about the system, "There was one simple fact that gave us an idea of the requirements of a group like Manowar: at the control located 30 metres from the stage, we had a minimum decibel level of 118 dB. Maintaining the equipment at full working capacity for almost two hours was a challenge that the reliable Aero systems surpassed with flying colours."

"Both Manowar band members and its technical engineers were impressed. They seemed delighted with the quantity and the quality of the sound, given their well-deserved reputation for being demanding to the point of uncompromising in this regard."

The night turned out to be a huge success despite the high temperatures and humidity levels which didn´t present a big problem for the loyal audience who was eager to enjoy the legends of heavy metal Manowar.

The band's leader and spokesperson Joey DeMaio, was very pleased with DAS and they carried out its Spanish tour with two more concerts in Madrid and Barcelona where they gave sold out and unforgettable performances for thousands of hardcore heavy metal fans.

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