Manowar The Lord of Steel

Manowar pairs up with D.A.S. Audio for an epic The Lord of Steel World Tour


All hail MANOWAR: with twelve albums, two world records, over nine million discs sold worldwide, and an unparalleled following all over the world, MANOWAR is the very definition of epic heavy metal. Known as the world’s loudest band (they hold the Guinness Book of World’s Record to prove it), MANOWAR keeps getting bigger, better, and most importantly louder in their quest to bring death-defying, high volume metal to their diehard fans. For the second year running MANOWAR has teamed with D.A.S. Audio, this time on The Lord of Steel World Tour, trusting the power, clarity and versatility of the D.A.S. Aero systems to deliver the band's signature sound.

Coming off the release of the band’s twelfth album, The Lord Of Steel tour featured a powerful mix of new songs, classic MANOWAR hits, and the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the multi-award winning “Warriors of the World” album. Fans had waited five years for a new MANOWAR album, expectations for the concerts were high, and the band knew it had to deliver: pairing with D.A.S. Audio they accomplished their ultimate goal of crystal clear sound at any volume.

MANOWAR touched down in ten cities across seven different countries for the 2012 leg of the tour, and German sound company Soundart was there every step of the way. Led by sound engineer Ben Hartmann, Soundart handled the sound equipment set-up and worked closely with FOH engineer Jeff Hair from the American sound company Aggressive Sound. After the huge success of the exclusive use of D.A.S. Audio sound systems at last year’s Battle Hymns tour—which brought “live sound to a completely new level,” according to Bassist Joey DeMaio—The Lord of Steel tour was performed entirely with D.A.S. Audio products.

While Soundart varied the set-up from show to show, relying on the versatility of D.A.S. equipment to adapt to different venues and capacities, from Spain to Russia the sound team consistently relied on the powerful D.A.S. Aero 50 to deliver MANOWAR's bombastic sound. Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Audio Event Engineer, was on hand for the concert in Zaragoza, Spain, where some 2,500 fans from MANOWAR’s “Army of Immortals” had packed into the Interpeñas concert grounds for the kick-off to The Lord of Steel World Tour. Here the sound team rolled out a total of twenty-four D.A.S. Aero 50s, flown twelve per side, for the main P.A.

The rugged, versatile D.A.S. Audio Aero 50s are perfect for set-ups where the big guns are required, and were paired with twenty-four ground-stacked D.A.S. LX218A subs to boost the low frequencies. The system was driven by Lab Gruppen FP10000Q power amplifiers with Lake Processing, and a D.A.S. DSP-4080 signal processor handled loudspeaker management responsibilities. The result of all this power? Ear-shattering, crowd-pleasing, pure heavy metal music.

Yet The Lord of Steel World Tour’s first concert quickly put engineers and the Aero 50s to the test: the MANOWAR performance was part of Zaragoza’s Interpeñas music festival and the band arrived to the venue with another P.A. already up and running. FOH Engineer Jeff Hair insisted on working with the D.A.S. Aero 50s and the sound team had to get creative. They set up the Aero 50s in the wings, rigging the entire system right before the show and packing up while the rest of the festival rocked on. “Not an easy task”, according to Damiano, “due to a lack of light and of course a lot of noise.”

Over the next 11 shows MANOWAR and D.A.S. Audio continued to provide their Army of Immortals with what they had come to expect: louder, better, flawless sound. A testament to the quality performance of D.A.S. Audio systems, fans across Europe and Russia and the band itself remarked on the sound quality, clarity and volume. As Joey DeMaio commented, “We have never received more praise from fans and media for our outstanding crystal clear sound than since we’ve been using D.A.S. P.A. systems.”

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