Making of Arenal Sound

D.A.S. Audio has launched a four part video about the set up of Arenal Sound festival 2011


D.A.S. Audio has launched a four part video about the set up of large-scale professional sound systems. This video focuses specifically on the impressive deployment of equipment for last year's Arenal Sound festival, one of Spain's most important summer music festivals. The first two installments of this four-part online tutorial are already available on D.A.S. Audio's own YouTube channel, and the company plans a staggered launch of the remaining two installments, will be released on February24 and the last on March 16.

The videos take an in-depth look at each of the technical issues that come into play during the preliminary study, set up and configuration of large-scale sound systems. Javier Navarro, D.A.S. Head of Engineering and Joel Damiano, D.A.S. Systems Engineer, in collaboration with the sound companies that provided the logistics for Arenal Sound, use the video as a platform to explain the critical aspects of large-scale professional sound system deployments.

The video is split into four sections, each dealing with a specific technical aspect of large sound systems. The first release focuses on the preliminary steps of the installation and the actual set up of the systems (stage, rigging the line array systems, sidefill, etc.), while the second part of the video demonstrates the work that goes into correct subwoofer set up, including cable work for the entire system.

The third video installment goes over the delay towers and their proper location in the audience area, as well as focusing on stage monitoring. To complete the tutorial the fourth video describes system time alignment and channel adjustment. The "Making of" videos brings together elements of all the different technical videos already available on D.A.S. Audio's YouTube channel.

See video part 1

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