Ludwigshafen Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce's conference rooms are distinguished by their meticulous design


Over the years, D.A.S. Audio's speaker and sound reinforcement systems have become increasingly commonplace. From New York's Madison Square Garden to the Miami Arena, from Puerto Rico to Saint Maarteen and from Mexico to Mongolia, more and more sound engineers, performers and music enthusiasts are seeing D.A.S. Audio's speaker systems in live events and permanents installations everywhere. In Ludwigshafen, Germany, the "city of chemistry" that recently celebrated it's 150th anniversary and is, together with Mannheim and Heidelberg one of the three greatest cities of the Rin-Neckar region, D.A.S. Audio's speaker systems can be seen at important venues like the Chamber of Commerce where Dynamics series DS-12 two-way speakers were installed in its various conference rooms. The Chamber of Commerce's conference rooms are distinguished by their meticulous design and versatility which can be transformed into convention halls when required.

Gerhard Tunkel Tontechnik installed the sound systems at the Ludwigshafen Chamber of Commerce, with the required D.A.S. products. Using D.A.S.' Dynamics series speakers, Gerhard Tunkel Tontechnik satisfied the demanding sound reinforcement needs of the Chamber of Commerce conference halls' in a simple and effective manner. Eight DS-12W (white color) speakers powered by Energy series E-8 amplifiers, provided the necessary acoustic coverage for clean and clear sound reproduction capable of reaching everyone in the audience. The stylish looks of the Dynamics series speakers combined perfectly with the conference rooms' modern design, blending with the wooden floors and the huge paintings that decorate the rooms' walls.

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