LQ Nightclub NYC

D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems for Latin Quarter Nightclub in New York City


The Latin Quarter - commonly known these days as LQ Nightclub - has a storied history that dates back to 1942 when Lou Walters first founded the popular nightspot. While much has changed over the years, there remain two constants: the desire to have superior sound quality and vibrant entertainment. Recently, the popular club upgraded its sound reinforcement capabilities and, to ensure world-class audio quality for both the performers and the clientele, a new loudspeaker system drawn from the Aero Series 2 catalog of D.A.S. Audio was installed. 

North Bergen, NJ - based E&A Sound LLC,  was contracted to handle LQ Nightclub’s recent sound system upgrade. Edwin Diaz, the firm’s owner, discussed the nature of the project and his decision to deploy D.A.S. Audio’s highly regarded Aero 12A powered line array modules. 

“The Latin Quarter, has multiple zones that needed to be properly covered as part of this installation. In addition to the main dance floor, there are two VIP sections plus a bar area. In all cases, we were looking for compact loudspeaker enclosures that delivered live performance audio quality and sound pressure levels while maintaining a relatively small footprint. The club’s owner was aware of the D.A.S. installation we handled for the Luna Nightclub in the Bronx, which also used D.A.S. Aero 12A as well as Convert 12A loudspeakers. After visiting the club and hearing the system, he gave us the green light for the LQ project.” 

At the LQ Nightclub, Diaz and his crew deployed a total of 16 D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A loudspeakers. Eight Aero 12A’s handle the main dance floor—with four enclosures flown per side. In addition to these loudspeakers, the adjacent bar area has two Aero 12A’s for fill purposes while the lower level VIP area also has two Aero 12A’s. There is a second VIP area located upstairs and here, too, Diaz and his assistants deployed another four Aero 12A’s. In all cases, the Aero 12A loudspeakers are flown and are supported by D.A.S. Audio AX-Aero12S rigging bumpers. Subwoofers are a proprietary design. 

In addition to the LQ and Luna nightclubs, Diaz has installed D.A.S. Audio loudspeaker systems at the Monte Carlo Room in the Bronx. “At Monte Carlo we installed a combination of D.A.S. Aero 28A loudspeakers along with LX-218A subwoofers. In each of these installations, D.A.S. Audio’s customer and technical support services have been exceptional. I’ve been working with D.A.S. for a good 15 years or so and the company continues to impress me.”

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