Low Festival 2016

Lowo Festival once again chooses D.A.S. systems for its 2016 event





The annual Low Festival in Benidorm (Alicante) offers a first-class line-up in one of Europe’s most popular destinations and has quickly earned a name for itself as a must-attend summer event. D.A.S. Audio was once again on hand this year to provide superb sound for the more than 78,000 fans who packed into the concert grounds over the three-day event to see headliners like Suede, Los Planetas, The Kooks, Vetusta Morla and Love of Lesbian.

Fluge Audiovisual, a full-service provider backed by extensive experience at some of the country’s biggest live-music events, was again contracted to cover the sound for the Low Festival. Fluge relied on its go-to systems for festivals of this kind, the tried-and-true D.A.S. Aero Series 2, teaming up with representatives from the D.A.S. Audio’s Engineering Department to set up and adjust the massive system rolled out for the event.

Fluge deployed 24 large-format D.A.S. Aero 50 line array systems for the Budweiser main stage, flying the Aero 50s in two hangs of 12 units each on either side of the stage. These were paired with an impressive battery of D.A.S. Audio’s new UX-221A subwoofer, high-performance powered systems that feature a double 21” loudspeaker, which were stacked in pairs in front of the stage.

The team also brought in powered Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System) to provide flawless sound coverage for the fans seated in the stands, while down-in-front festival-goers were covered by a range of powered D.A.S. Aero 20A systems angled as downfill.

The smaller Ron Matusalem stage was fitted out with its own series of D.A.S. Audio systems, including 12 of the new powered D.A.S. UX-30A subwoofers for the outstanding low-frequency punch required at events like the Low Festival. These provided the perfect balance to the 18 D.A.S. Aero 50A systems used as the main PA, hung in two linear formations of nine enclosures per side.

D.A.S. Audio’s new UX-30A systems make use of the patented M-Force® moving magnet linear motor structure. Offering unrivaled performance, this linear motor is powered by a high-power amplifier and incorporates a set of high-performance neodymium magnets that move in linear fashion to drive the UX-30A´s spectacular 30" cone.


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