Low Festival 2015

D.A.S. Audio brings the noise to the Love Festival 2015





The Guillermo Amor Sports City in Benidorm (Alicante) recently played host to this year’s Low Festival, a must-attend event on the summer festival calendar with a first-class line-up in one of Europe’s most popular destinations. Headlined by Kasabian, The Strypes, The Drums and Supersubmarina, D.A.S. Audio was on hand this year to provide unbeatable sound for the festival’s 80 groups and the 23,000 fans who packed into the concert grounds over the three-day event.

Sound company Fluge Audiovisual was called in to handle the sound and teamed up with long-time partner D.A.S. Audio. D.A.S. engineers Joel Damiano and Vicent Olucha also made the trip to Benidorm to lend a hand with the set up and adjustment of the massive system rolled out for this much-anticipated festival.

Fluge rolled out 24 large-format D.A.S. Aero 50 line array systems for the Budweiser main stage, which required a robust PA, flying the Aero 50s in two hangs of 12 units each on either side of the stage. The team also brought in 16 powered Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System) to provide flawless sound coverage for the fans seated in the stadium bleachers. A total of 30 D.A.S. high-performance D.A.S. powered subwoofers were deployed under each hang for an exceptional low-frequency punch.

Signal management for the main P.A. was handled remotely by DASnet™, the audio management system for D.A.S. powered cabinets and processors, while a mix of Convert 12A and Convert 15A systems took care of front fill for the down-in-front fans. The artists who crossed the stage over the multi-day event had a small army of the new Aero 20A systems and LX-218CA subwoofers for side fill, as well as a range of powered Road 12A and Road 15A stage monitors.

The smaller Matusalem stage had its own series of D.A.S. Audio system at its service, with two line arrays of nine Aero 50 systems each on either side of the stage matched with 24 high-performance LX-218CA subwoofers for low-frequency support. Out fill was handled by another 12 Aero 50 systems (six per side), while a series of the flexible D.A.S. Convert systems were brought in to cover the first rows of the audience.

The artists on the Matusalem stage had Convert systems piled on LX-218CA subwoofers for side fill, as well as an army of D.A.S. Road Series powered stage monitors in their 12” and 15” versions. D.A.S. Audio was also a massive presence at the Ruta 66 stage, sponsored by the Valencia-based sound manufacturer, where acoustic concerts were held throughout the festival.


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