Lotelito Rooms & Bar

Lotelito Rooms & Bar in Valencia installs D.A.S. professional sound systems




  Lotelito Rooms & Bar is a new hotel and restaurant concept in the heart of Valencia. Located on the historic Calle de las Barcas just steps from the Teatro Principal, Lotelito combines its century-old façade with its modernist and elegant interior for a one-of-a-kind venue in the center of Valencia. D.A.S. professional sound systems were installed to bring superb sound to the hotel’s charming and sophisticated bar and restaurant.

Lotelito’s owners, part of the same group that has brought Valencia the iconic "Café del Mar" and "El Ocho y Medio" restaurants, brought in local company Telesonic Valencia to handle the design and installation of Lotelito’s new sound reinforcement system. The venue features extremely high ceilings and after studying Lotelito’s particular requirements the sound technicians recommended the installation of powered systems from the new D.A.S. Audio Artec 500 series of products.

Specifically, Telesonic Valencia distributed six powered Artec 506A systems around Loletito’s central bar to provide sound for the entire venue. Thanks to their discreet size and wide range of possible rigging accessories the Artec 506As can be mounted on walls, ceilings and columns with minimal visual impact. The system’s clean, elegant design blends perfectly with the exquisite décor found throughout Lotelito.

At night Lotelito often turns into the place to be in Valencia, with live music, a first-class venue and designer cocktails. The system’s punch is of maximum importance when the music takes over and two D.A.S. Arco 12Sub subwoofers were brought in to perform the crucial task of low frequency support. These systems are driven by a D.A.S. Powerpro amp; this PS-400 model was put into service to carry the sound signal. The installation was rounded out with a D.A.S. digital signal processor to handle system management and control.

Lotelito Rooms & Bar offers customers the chance to enjoy an ice-cold beer, sample one of the restaurant’s mouth-watering appetizers on the terrace, enjoy an exquisite meal and sip on designer cocktails late into the night. Sports fans looking for a place to watch live games need look no further: Lotelito has set up a number of large screens to televise important national and international sporting events.

The venue also opens its doors to different live performances that range from bands and DJs to monologues and stand-up acts, all the rage in recent years. With other cultural events like art exhibitions and cultural conferences Lotelito Rooms & Bar has quickly become Valencia’s newest hotspot.

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