Los Tres with Aero

'Los Tres" are the utmost musical reference of the 90´s in Chile


The Chilean city of Graneros recently hosted a concert featuring the Chilean group "Los Tres", equipped with Aero line array systems. The group arrived from Santiago de Chile and succeeded in thrilling the spectators who crowded the city's municipal stadium. The Aero sound system was installed by "Black Audio" from Graneros, under the direction of Mario Cortés and supplied by D.A.S. Audio's distributor in Chile, "Audiomúsica". For this event, eight powered CA-215A line array systems and two CA28A subwoofers systems were flown on each side of the stage. For monitor purposes, the choice was ten powered SML-15A systems and two SML-12A systems.

Mario Cortés, owner of "Black Audio", commented on the Aero 28A powered line array: "I am very excited about the outdoor performance of this system and the tremendous quality of sound reproduction; aside from this, the enormous amount of power that the music of a band like "Los Tres" requires. The musicians were more than satisfied with the clarity, purity and power offered by the twelve SML monitors onstage." The opening act of this mega-event began with the performance of local groups such as the romantic ballad singer Jorge Contreras.

Next to perform was singer José Miguel, who got the crowd singing and dancing to various tropical and ranchero songs. Once on stage, the band "Los Tres"-Alvaro Henríquez, Angel Parra, Roberto "Titae" Lindl, the drummer Manuel Basualto and the invited musicians- had the fans of the Graneros Municipal stadium, which was at maximum capacity, vibrating to the varied repertory which started with some of their old songs and eventually gave way to romantic songs from their latest record.

"Los Tres" are the utmost musical reference of the 90´s in Chile. In their almost twelve records, they have blended a refined view of Chile and its musical past with one of the best sounds ever to be achieved by a local band since the first rehearsals of Creole rock. On the 14th of September of 1995, "Los Tres" became the first Chilean group to be invited to the party that the video music channel MTV has been throwing for the past years. The record produced from that show (Los Tres unplugged, l996) became a sales prodigy that challenged any marketing theory held by the local music industry, selling over 110.000 copies just that year.

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