Life Star Abidjan

D.A.S.'s systems debut in Africa


The international success and scope of D.A.S. sound systems has taken another step forward with their latest installation in the "Life Star" Disco Club. Located in the Le Plateau business district in the heart of Abidjan (Ivory Coast), the club combines the different atmospheres of a lounge area and dance floor, with music painstakingly selected to perfectly match each area's characteristics.

The wide range of products in D.A.S. Audio's catalogue was more than enough to meet the needs of the engineers from IK Sono Equipment, SARL, the company in charge of the installation. Headed by Innocent Kakou in Abidjan, the company has extensive sound work experience in Africa.

The discrete Arco series systems were used for the sound in the terrace style Lounge-Bar, fitting seamlessly into this part of the venue. These 300 square metres were equipped with eight D.A.S. Arco 4 systems, and the low frequencies were reinforced with two D.A.S. Arco 12 Sub subwoofer systems. The Arco systems perfectly answer the Lounge-Bar`s call for chill out music.

On the other hand, the Disco-Club - requiring bigger and better sound - was equipped with the new Avant series systems. In total, seven Avant 12A systems and five Avant 18A subwoofers provide superior sound pressure in this part of the club. The Avant systems incorporate a number of technologically advanced elements like third generation Class "D" amplification or digital signal processing. All this combined with the venue's polished design provides solid, easy-to-use and powerful sound systems.

Countries like the Ivory Coast boast few venues like "Life Star". However, club owners still seek out the best systems on the market, and D.A.S.'s catalogue of high-quality sound systems offers a wide range of options, helping the company expand in less "familiar" markets such as Africa.

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