Les Mates Amusement Center

The center features a complete sound system comprised of D.A.S. systems


"Les Mates" is a two-story amusement center located in El Vendrell, in the Baix Penedes region of Catalonia. "Les Mates" houses eight movie theatres, a 12-lane bowling alley, a children's game park and numerous restaurants, theme bars and coffee shops in addition to a complimentary 800-car-capacity parking lot. Manel Viana, head of the "Soviluz" audio services company, took on the challenge of fitting the amusement center's exterior with a complete sound system comprised of D.A.S. systems for the multimedia equipment throughout, and also providing sound reinforcement for some of the center's indoor spaces.

Outside Soviluz employed ten Dynamics Series DS-12 and four DS-8 speakers prepared for outdoor weather with an IP54 protection. The nature of the facilities required the immediate ability to create independent, isolated exterior zones using Dynamics Series' sound. In the control room, Viana installed D.A.S. H-1500 and H-2200 power amplifiers.Two rack-mounted D.A.S Audio Electronics Disco Series EQ-215 15-band graphic equalizers and a 9-input D.A.S. Audio Electronics DJ-9 mixer complete the system.

Below the amusement center level are several food and beverage establishments fitted with D.A.S. Audio equipment. Specifically, the "Celler Iberic" and the "Frankfurt Brotwurst", both featuring D.A.S. Audio's Factor-5 speakers about which Viana commented: "They're extremely easy to install products thanks to their ceiling and wall-mount supports, and perfectly suited to create the perfect musical ambience in any restaurant, coffee shop, boutique or office".

In addition to the Dynamics and Factor series components, Viana used ten D.A.S. Audio's CL-8 Ceiling Loudspeakers for the center's "Mon Petit" children's game park, distributed throughout three areas: the soft drinks bar, the television and video zone and the birthday party celebration area.Located on the center's first floor, the "Nashville" country-themed restaurant offers scheduled shows and square dancing lessons. The restaurant's dance floor has been fitted with four Dynamics Series DS-115 speakers flown fromthe ceiling, powered by one H-2200 power amplifier and processed through an EQ-215 graphic equalizer.

Also on the first floor, the modern 12-lane "Vendrell Bowling" alley has been fitted with 12 DS-108 speakers powered by two H-2200 power amplifiers and processed through an EQ-215 graphic equalizer patched to a DJ-9 nine-channel mixer. Outside the bowling alley, two DS-8 IP54 speakers, powered by an Energy Series E-4 power amplifier provide exterior sound reinforcement.

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