Leesburg Bike Festival

D.A.S. Audio the driving force at the Leesburg Bike Festival in the USA


For its sixteenth consecutive year, the city of Leesburg celebrated music and motorcycles with its annual Bikefest. The three day motorcycle and music event featured a motorcycle rally and performances by numerous musical acts, including the rock bands FireHouse and Seven Mary Three. There were two stages at this year’s event and both featured loudspeaker systems from D.A.S. Audio.

Sanford, FL-based MTI Sound was contracted to provide sound reinforcement services for this year’s festival. The company deployed D.A.S. sound systems consisting of Road and Aero Series 2 loudspeakers on both stages. Scott Shryock, President of MTI Sound, discussed the nature of the project. "We’ve been very pleased with the equipment and it did a phenomenal job for us at this year’s Bikefest. We also arranged with Advanced Audio out of Orlando to assist us with a second stage and, this too, was outfitted with D.A.S. loudspeaker systems."

On the Budweiser Stage, the MTI crew, led by operations manager Andrew Ello, deployed their D.A.S. system, which included ten Aero 12A loudspeakers—flown five elements per each side of the stage. Low frequency support was handled by four LX-218CA subwoofers; ground stacked two enclosures per side, with each stack vertically aligned underneath the overhead Aero 12A clusters. To ensure plenty of on-stage coverage, Shryock and his team placed six D.A.S. Audio Road 12A stage monitors.

According to Shryock, "This was the ideal setup. The fact that these loudspeakers are all self-powered was a huge benefit on this project. The self-powered design simplified system cabling and resulted in faster, easier setup and tear down. The system itself sounded terrific. It’s very musical, provided great speech intelligibility, and we had consistent coverage throughout the audience area."

At the Gator Harley Stage, the sound reinforcement setup consisted of sixteen D.A.S. Audio Aero 50—flown eight elements per side. These enclosures were accompanied by twelve LX218 subwoofers—ground stacked six enclosures per side, positioned two cabinets high and three cabinets wide. D.A.S. Audio Road 12A stage monitors were deployed, along with side fill systems that consisted of two stacked LX-218 subwoofers augmented by three Aero 12A’s on each side.

Reflecting on the success of the Leesburg 16th Annual Bikefest, Shryock offered these parting thoughts, "I couldn’t be happier. Our D.A.S. equipment has been terrific. The sound quality is excellent, the integrated hardware is easy to work with, and the company’s personnel have all been great. The entire event was a huge success."

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