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Le Club in Bratislava pairs up with D.A.S. Audio





Just steps from the Slovak National Theater in the heart of Bratislava’s old town, the recently revamped Le Club has made a name for itself as one of the top spots for party-goers looking for a night out in the Slovakian capital. The posh venue, a synonym of luxury and elegance, is no stranger to superb sound: Le Club has relied on D.A.S. professional sound systems for years, making it the perfect hotspot for an evening of dining, drinking, and dancing.

Owners Medusa Group contacted local company and D.A.S. distributor G-Tec Professional s.r.o. to handle the two-phase sound installation at Le Club, first when it opened in 2011 and more recently when the club was expanded to include a new VIP lounge and terrace. G-Tec Project Manager Michal Kubinec headed the project under the supervision of CEO Martin Gustafik, rolling out a combination of systems drawn from D.A.S. Audio’s Action and Arco series of products to meet Le Club’s extensive range of sound requirements.

For the first wave of the installation the G-Tec technicians outfitted the main dance floor, the area that requires the greatest sound pressure and where party-goers tear it up dancing to the club’s DJ sessions, with eight of D.A.S. Audio’s two-way Artec 8 systems. Visually discreet, these systems provide precise coverage and control and were matched with four D.A.S. 18G low-frequency loudspeakers to keep the bass pumping. D.A.S. Audio’s Arco 24 systems were brought in for the entry room; these small yet versatile systems blend perfectly with Le Club’s elegant décor. Distortion-free music for the entire system is guaranteed with D.A.S. PS series amps.

The club owners once again relied on G-Tec to design the sound for Le Club’s recently opened VIP lounge and terrace. The VIP lounge was fitted out with eight Action 8 full-range loudspeakers and two Artec S15 bass-reflect subwoofer systems for powerful bass reproduction. D.A.S. Audio’s sleek and stylish Arco 24 systems were also installed on the terrace, the perfect place to kick back and relax with a snack and cocktail. The Arco 24 is ideal for providing flawless sound in these types of spaces and take Le Club’s outdoor system to a new level of performance.

The D.A.S. Audio systems that G-Tec installed at Le Club back the nightclub’s reputation as one of the hottest venues in Bratislava. According to Project Manager Michal Kubinec, both the club owners and the G-Tec team were pleased with the installatin; “We are a D.A.S. distributor because we believe in the quality of these products. The Artec 8 has great sound quality in a compact size, and the Action 8 has a price point that makes clients happy”.


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