Las Vegas Country Saloon

Las Vegas-based BK Audio was contracted to handle the sound system installation


Located on Freemont Street in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, The Las Vegas Country Saloon is a "good ole' down and country bar" that sports Jack Daniel's barrel seating, kitschy western art, live music, and cowboy-hat-wearing, liquor-pouring waitresses who aren't afraid to use the Saloon's two best features-the stripper pole and the mechanical bull. When it's time to party-and in Sin City, when isn't it?-this is the place to be. And to keep the festivities loud and proud, the club recently installed a new sound system drawn from components in the D.A.S. Audio catalog.

Las Vegas-based BK Audio, a design/build firm that also handles acoustical consulting as well as live sound reinforcement for the special events market, was contracted to handle the sound system installation at The Las Vegas Country Saloon. According to Brian Klijanowicz, the firm's owner, the room's layout and physical construction made this project particularly challenging.

"This is a long and narrow (100ft x 50ft) space," explained Klijanowicz, "and to further compound the intricacies of the project, the building is almost entirely made from concrete. As a result, this is a very live, reverberant room with almost no acoustical treatment. I needed a system that provided very controlled horizontal dispersion with just enough throw for the length of the room. In addition to being a big concrete box, one of the walls is glass, so that certainly doesn't help with sound absorption. There is acoustical treatment at the rear of the stage and there is some carpeted floor space, but for the most part, the patrons become the sound absorbers."

To address the requirements of this unique environment, Klijanowicz deployed eight D.A.S. Audio ST-1510 passive loudspeakers, flown in left and right clusters with four enclosures per side in a 2 x 2 (two wide and two high) configuration. Augmenting the D.A.S. ST-1510s is a single D.A.S. Audio RF-12.85 passive, two-way loudspeaker that is used as a fill speaker to address a dead spot in a corner near the stage. For the bands' onstage monitoring, Klijanowicz selected four D.A.S. Audio SM-15A stage monitors.

Text by Roger Maycock

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