Las Naves Complex

Valencia's Las Naves Cultural Complex installed with D.A.S. sound systems




  Valencia’s Las Naves cultural complex has recently been outfitted with a complete D.A.S. Audio professional sound system. This complex, three warehouses built in the 1940s as granaries that were later renovated by the Valencia City Council as a space for creativity and the arts, provide a place where a range of cultural activities, including painting, photography, graphic design and audiovisual productions, can be practiced.

The D.A.S. professional sound system was installed in the third of the renovated warehouses. This building houses a multi-purpose auditorium where small concerts are held, and the auditorium’s retractable bleachers create a versatile space that can be set up for a range of activities and events. Local company Sonoidea was called in for the corresponding sound project, collaborating closely with D.A.S. Audio’s Sound Project Department on system design and installation.

The Sonoidea sound team decided to deploy the new powered systems from D.A.S. Audio’s Convert Series of products to serve as the auditorium’s main system. Eight Convert 12A line array systems were flown in two lines of four units each. In line with the auditorium’s versatility, these cabinets were matched with four Avant 118A subwoofers for low frequency support, which can be rolled out when the space is set up in “concert configuration”. This set-up includes four powered D.A.S. Avant 12A systems that handle stage monitoring.

The peculiarities of the venue and its retractable lateral bleachers posed a challenge for the Sonoidea technicians, who created a solution based on units from the new Artec 500 Series. The sound team rolled out eight D.A.S. Artec 508 systems, setting up four in each of the bleacher areas to ensure clear sound and solid coverage throughout the auditorium. These passive systems receive their corresponding signal amplification via two DAS D-20 amps. The system also features a D.A.S. DSP-4080 digital signal processor, which handles the control and management of the entire network.

Together with Las Naves’ other two warehouses—which house a photography studio, rehearsal rooms, recording studio, graphic design rooms, video editing, showings, exhibitions and workshops—this most-recently renovated warehouse turns Las Naves into one of Valencia’s most complete and advanced cultural complexes. The hall-auditorium is the perfect addition to this cultural space, where D.A.S. sound system now make it possible for Las Naves to hold concerts, lectures, musical performances, plays, and a range of other cultural activities.

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