Las Cortes 39

New D.A.S. Artec 500 Series systems in the Las Cortes 39 music bar





Las Cortes 39, a venue that combines fine dining with good music, has created an ambiance that owes much of its success to the newly-installed D.A.S. Artec 500 Series systems. The restaurant, located on Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas in the region’s capital city, offers clients an ideal spot for enjoying everything from an expertly-poured ice-cold beer and elaborate appetizer to one of the many options from the restaurant’s comprehensive yet select dinner menu as well as drinks and music late into the night.

Music is a constant—and vital—element in this modern venue, and Las Cortes 39 owners called in local company Sonilight, S.L. to handle the all-important sound installation. With Javier Zaragozá and Jaime Castell at the helm, the sound team opted to install eight D.A.S. Artec 508A systems; available in both black and white cabinets, Sonilight chose the systems’ white design to blend with the venue’s décor. These ultra-compact systems were backed by two D.A.S. Action 18A subwoofers for low frequency support, crucial when guests move on from dinner to drinks and Las Cortes 39 turns up the volume.

The new systems from the D.A.S. Artec 500 Series offer exceptional frequency response and superb sound pressure level. Ideal for near-field applications like Las Cortes 39, the sleek and elegant design ensures that the systems blend perfectly with the venue’s décor. This latest generation of systems was recently enhanced with a self-powered feature to not only boost power and increase versatility but to make installation even easier as well.

Las Cortes 39 is a venue that caters to a range of palates and musical tastes, providing a combination of different culinary and musical environments under one roof.  On the first floor the venue is everything a great brewery and tapas bar should be, and here the D.A.S. systems provide warm and intimate background music that never interferes with guests’ conversations as they chat over beers and appetizers.

The second floor of Las Cortes 39 focuses on fine dining and cocktails, and it’s here that the D.A.S. Artec 500 Series systems really shine when, after dinner, food gives way to drinks and music takes centre stage. Las Cortes 39 also promotes local artists and groups by regularly hosting live performances that count on the quality and reliability of the D.A.S. systems to guarantee that every show is a success.

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