La Rulot with Cirque du Soleil

The event consisted of diverse musical parts combined in two simultaneous stages


D.A.S. line array systems showed their versatility once again during the magnificent performance carried out by Le Cirque du Soleil at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid as part of the events staged for the 2006 Bacardi Tour. For the spectacular performance 40 x 40 meters polygonal tent with transparent tarps was set up in the center of the bullring. ; one with classical music while electronic music was played on the other.

Barcelona based "La Rulot Music, S.L." employed D.A.S. systems to provide the sound coverage for the two performance stages. The sound reinforcement for the electronic music stage was provided by 18, Aero 28A powered line array systems. Nine systems per side were installed with four CA 215A powered subwoofer units and six ST-218 systems per side to provide the bass response required by this type of music. Five Aero 28A units were installed as frontfills and six Compact 015 powered stage monitors were used to provide referente monitoring.

The main signal control was handled by means of a 3000 Midas Heritage mixer and a Soundcraft MH3 console. Combined with the know how of the event´s technicians the result was a high quality live spectacle that blended perfectly with the top notch performances of the Canadian circus group. 12 ST-8A systems were used as sidefill for the stage where the classical music orchestra performed, all controlled via a GL 4000 Allen & Heath mixer.

It is in these types of events where the versatility, easy-to-use features and sound quality of D.A.S. line array systems shows. Specially so in the powered versions such as the Aero 28A and the Aero 38A, as well as in the passive versions Aero 28, Aero 38 and Aero 48. These systems offer a wide range of formats for all kinds of events, offering numerous solutions to the problems faced by live sound specialists.

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