La Renga rocks Buenos Aires

More than 100,000 people rocked away the winter cold with 'Truenotierra"


More than 100,000 people rocked away the winter cold with the hottest sounds from "Truenotierra" the latest release of the Argentinean band La Renga. La Plata city stadium was once again the start for the Renga tour machine which sells out stadiums and attracts fans from everywhere in the country without any advertising, just sheer word-of-mouth. La Renga not only hit the stage with songs from their new double CD entitled "Truenotierra" or Thunder Earth, but organized a charity collection of school materials and warm clothes for school children in the north of Argentina. This latest release sees the band shifting from their hard rock beginnings into more adventurous waters.

In the biggest D.A.S live event ever, excited fans flocked from all over Argentina and packed the stands during the two-night performances of one of the country's most popular bands. No surprise then that Technical Manager, Juan Baglietto pushed the limits of today's sound technology for this rock crusade and set-up a stage which offered 360º coverage based on D.A.S Audio's Aero line array systems.

A total of 112 D.A.S Audio Aero 38A line array systems were mounted in eight stacks by the Buenos Aires based company, Jorge Leggio, together with another stack of 16 Aero 38A directed towards the standing section and a set of 12 Aero 38 units for the upper rows of the stands. 80 D.A.S 218 subwoofer systems were also added, 32 for the standing section and 24 for the upper tiers.

For side-fill, 16 Aero 28A line array systems and eight 218 subwoofer units were positioned on each corner of the stage together with 16 model SML-12 stage monitors and front-fill was handled by eight Aero 28A units.

It took just six people three days to finish and fine-tune the entire stage set-up in time for the concert using a total of eight CM two ton and eight CM one ton motors to fly the whole array system. The set-up of the rigging, motors and bumper was carried out using EASE Focus software, assuring accurate splay angles and array performance prediction of the Aero 38A units. The Smaart Live 5.0 program together with a BYK 4707 microphone was chosen for calibration and final adjustments to the system.

The members of the band started the show just like they did at the Huracan Stadium by slowly descending down a gangway, like a hanging bridge, from the upper tiers of the stands to the enormous circular stage in the middle of audience. The concert began with the instrumental intro to Dark Diamond, one of the most well known songs from the band's latest release. The whole concert could be seen from every stand on four giant screens hung above the musicians and the show lived up to everyone's expectations.Previously unreleased songs, classic hits and ballads, making the crowds tremble from excitement and as well as cold were mixed with rock that got everyone jumping up and down again.

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