Klasse! Wir Singen

Soundart rocks Klasse! Wir Singen with D.A.S. Audio systems






Singing, traditionally a group activity with enormous social and cultural value, is rarely practiced collectively in modern times. Enter Klasse! Wir singen (Great! We Sing), a project that aims to promote the value of singing among school children and families across Germany. Over a hundred concerts have been held to date with hundreds of thousands of participants, bringing together school teachers, kids, parents and prestigious venues as a way promote the joy of collective singing both in school and at home. Local pro-audio company (and D.A.S. Audio network partner) Soundart GmbH & Co. KG and its army of D.A.S. professional sound systems were called in to provide completely uniform 360° sound coverage for these massive events.

Klasse! Wir singen’s enormous popularity and jam-packed schedule posed a series of unique challenges for the Soundart technicians: with up to three shows a day on weekends and a mere four hours to set up the entire sound system the Soundart team needed a design packet that could not only be set up as quickly as possible but provide consistently reliable and quality sound as well. After years of working hand in hand with D.A.S. Audio the technicians knew that systems from their extensive range of D.A.S. products would be the perfect solution for the Klasse! Wir singen events.

Soundart designed the same setup for each venue, deploying a veritable army of systems at every concert. The technicians rigged a total of 50 D.A.S. Aero 12A powered line array systems for the main PA, rigging and angling these units to ensure crystal-clear sound for any seat in the house. These were matched with the 24 Aero 40A (Advanced Line Array System ALAS™) systems recently purchased by Soundart. These latest generation, three-way line arrays provide remote monitoring and control via DASnet™ audio management system.

This already massive set-up was augmented by an additional 24 Aero 8A ultra-compact line array modules to ensure exceptional sound quality and unmatched levels of versatility. Six Convert 12A powered, two-way curved source array units and four high-performance powered D.A.S. LX-218CA subwoofers for a low frequency boost rounded out the extensive range of D.A.S. Audio products that Soundart rolled out for the Klasse! Wir singen concerts.

To streamline set up Soundart determined the fastest configuration for each line array and organized rigging, components and cables in fixed system cases so that each sound technician could rig the hangs in record time. This allowed the system engineer to set up the DASnet™ network and the signal and power distribution while the PA assistants set up and angled the PA, thus speeding up the rigging process as much as possible.

According to Soundart CEO Benjamin Hartmann the sound technicians were pleased with the D.A.S. systems. “We’re happy with the choice of D.A.S. loudspeakers as they allowed us to rig the hangs as fast as possible. The entire system never failed to perform.”

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