Kirchentag Hamburg

D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems at the 34th German Kirchentag in Hamburg




  D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems were at the 34th German Church Congress held in Hamburg, Germany. More than 2,500 events and approximately 150,000 participants celebrated the congress at 400 locations throughout Hamburg. Several prominent artists, musicians and politicians, such as Federal President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel, visited the event.

The Congress kicked off with a massive opening service at the Strand Quay (Strandkai) in Hamburg´s HafenCity quarter which was broadcast live by the German stations NDR and Phoenix. The Strandkai, a sandy open space at the Marco Polo Terraces, is not your average venue. Together with the Dalmannkai it forms a point that juts out into the harbor. With over 30,000 participants occupying the area in front of the stage, additional sound systems were distributed on the other side of the harbor basin at the Dalmannkai to serve the sound needs of the more than 130,000 that descended on the area the opening night.

Responsible for both lighting and sound was full-service provider Soundart GmbH & Co. KG. They relied exclusively on sound reinforcement systems by Spanish manufacturer D.A.S. Audio. Having used the systems successfully for a number of years, they deployed 240 D.A.S. Audio speakers on the main stage and throughout the venue. The largest collection of D.A.S. speakers ever to be installed for a German production was made possible thanks to close collaboration with other members of the D.A.S. Audio Rental Network. Soundart also counted on D.A.S. factory support from Chief Engineer Javier Navarro, Systems Engineer Joel Damiano, and Sales Manager Claus Behrens.

The sound team opted to use D.A.S. Audio's powerful Aero 50 line array as the main system. A total of 48 D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 units driven by Lab.gruppen amps and the LM 26 Lake Controller were used for FOH sound. Sixteen units were flown in a left-right configuration on each side of the stage with another three delay towers with eight Aero 50s  were installed 60 meters away as a second PA zone.

For low frequency reproduction, Soundart deployed 32 LX-218A high-performance powered subwoofer systems. Nine units were placed on either side of the stage, and four were round-stacked in front. The remaining subwoofers were set up under the stage for low frequency support.

A total of 24 Aero 12As were rolled out for the near-field system. Twelve additional Aero 12As were used to provide audio for a large-screen set up in front of the Marco Polo Terraces. Aero 8A line array modules were brought in and set up on the sides of the stage for musician side fill. On the immense main stage, 24 powered Road 15A stage monitors were distributed as required by the different performers. 30 Convert 12A were pole mounted and placed 20 meters apart on the Dalmannkai side of the harbor.

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