Kiff No Beat in Niger

Kiff No Beat brings down the house in Niamey with D.A.S. systems





Kiff No Beat, one of the Ivory Coast’s most famous hip-hop groups, brought their A game at a recent concert in Niger’s capital city of Niamey, bringing down the house with a combination of raw hip-hop power and a flawless performance by D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems. Over 8,000 fans packed into the Palais des Sports for one of the most anticipated concerts of the year, an event that gave D.A.S. Audio the chance to debut its Aero 40A Advanced Line Array Systems (ALAS™) in Africa.

Event organizers called in local company MSA (Média Services Audiovisuel) to handle the concert’s sound and audiovisual installation. With Philippe Lecomte at the helm, the technicians decided to deploy 16 Aero 40A in two 8-unit hangs on opposite sides of the stage.

These powered line arrays were matched by four high-performance D.A.S. LX-218CA subwoofers for superb low-sound delivery. The combined response of these systems provided exceptional sound pressure by what the Kiff No Beat manager called “the best PA system we’ve ever used. It’s powerful, clear, and not at all aggressive”.

The Kiff No Beat concert was Média Services Audiovisuel’s first step in its strategy to strengthen the company’s position in Africa by teaming up with D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems. The company, directed by M. Harouna Kaine, purchased the systems after recommendations from various French sound engineers who routinely work across the continent.

A number of these sound French engineers had also visited the D.A.S. Audio headquarters in Valencia (Spain) for a first-hand look at the company’s Aero Series 2 systems.

A number of factors played into MSA’s decision to work with D.A.S. Audio systems. The weather in Africa creates a unique set of conditions for sound equipment: systems must be robust, resilient and powerful to resist the continent’s high temperatures and humidity.

Some of the world's most inventive and unique bass can be found in African music, which generates its own series of sound requirements. MSA also invested in D.A.S. Aero 40A and LX-218CA systems in order to have sound gear capable of handling events celebrated in Niger’s largest stadium, the 250,000-seater Seyni Kountché in Niamey.

MSA management, convinced that the Spanish manufacturer could provide systems that meet the singular demands of the African market, ultimately decided to purchase a small army of D.A.S. professional sound systems, specifically 24 Aero 40A Advanced Line Array Systems (ALAS™) and 16 LX-218CA powered subwoofers. The systems rose to their first challenge, providing outstanding sound for a successful debut at the Kiff No Beat concert.


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